Berroco Bingo is Back!

We had so much fun playing Berroco Bingo last summer that we’ve brought it back again! This time there are even more opportunities to win. 

If Berroco Bingoyou missed out on last year’s fun, here are the guidelines. Unlike “traditional” Bingo, in which you would be asked to mark off 5 items in a row, Berroco Bingo asks you to mark off any 10 items on the sheet. The tasks available to choose from are simple—if you follow your LYS on Facebook, or start following them because of this promotion, you can mark that off! No purchase is necessary to participate in this game, but there are a few tasks for buying Berroco yarn (have you seen our new yarns?) or Berroco patterns—if you choose to do so, please hold on to your receipts.

At the end of Berroco Bingo, we’ll randomly select five winners to receive one of our grand prizes. Every winner will receive one copy of each of our 5 new pattern books—including Portfolio Vol 4—along with enough Berroco yarn to knit a Berroco project of their choice, all packaged in one of our Berroco project bags, with a limited edition Berroco pin attached. 

This year, we’re also giving 25 first prize winners print and digital copies of Berroco Portfolio 4!  So how can you enter to win one of these prizes? It’s easy! To start with, head to your local yarn store—many stores have or will soon receive a set of Berroco Bingo tearsheets to give out. But hurry—each set only has 20 bingo sheets, and we have a limited supply of the sets. If your store doesn’t have the Berroco Bingo tearsheets, or if you don’t have a store near you, you can head to to download your own Bingo sheet.

Berroco Bingo starts as soon as you get a Bingo sheet, and ends August 31, 2017. You can either mail your completed Bingo card to the address listed on the back of the sheet, or submit electronically (there is a link on the back of the sheet, or you can also find the link at If you purchased Berroco yarn as part of the game, please send in copies of your receipts, or take pictures and upload them along with your completed Bingo sheet. Be sure to mail or upload your completed cards no later than August 31, as we will be selecting winners early in September.


  1. so excited for this, I am ready for a new project, hoping to make a large afgan as a wedding present so I am perusing the patterns! I love comfort yarn for blankets!

  2. I am excited to play. I have not thought about some of the things on the bingo card; for example, join the ravelry group of your local yarn store. Turns out the one I have been going to doesn’t have one but a newer one I found nearby does. Thanks for the game.

  3. Oo, so exciting! I’m two squares away from BINGO! And I have a project currently on the needles that should be done tomorrow, so it’ll be easy to get some tagged pics up soon!

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