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where, oh where or wear, oh wear

Prospera: Medallion invented, feather and fan extended, base of sweater swatched –  where, where where should the godet go? Once again, Margery comes to the rescue, pulling a completed sweater off the shelf, one we know we like. Now it’s easier to visualize just where the godet should be placed. Oh, and if I haven’t declared this before – I love our dress form. She is very helpful.

I am planning to evenly space 3 godets in the lower section of the body, so the back will look something like this:

I think that the decisions are made.  I sketch again:



insert here

I had planned to do this:

I am thinking that it’s too much, too fussy. The chevrons are too fussy, the double godets are too fussy. Always ready for these Kinds of challenges, Margery grabs the godet (ok, nicely takes the godet from my hands) and places it in the opening of a cardigan to see how the proportions work.

I’m in love with the look and knit this:

to be continued…


This is a bit of an artifice, but I’m going to describe the next part of the design process for Prospera in the present tense:
Ok now, I’m happy with the medallion. How do I extend it into a wedge shape? Let me rephrase that. How do I easily extend it into a wedge shape? I don’t want to add fussy little short rows and the thought of making a wedge with shaping at the wide end and then sewing it on seems very inelegant.

So, I’m driving down the highway and (this often happens to me) whammo it occurs to me that I need a stitch that would naturally curve around the arc of the medallion. Why didn’t I think of that before? What stitch does that?  Feather and Fan does!!  Sigh of relief.


I wing it on my first try, since I can’t really guess the row gauge.  That’s the swatch above. Later, getting the length right and making the decreases logical will be fairly easy. 

I’ve managed to design this pretty pendulum. One might think the hard part was over. Not so fast.  What am I going to do with it? 

To be continued….

circular process

Well, the Berroco pattern books have hit the shelves. A few months ago, I was able to document the birthing process of one design, Prospera from Booklet #277 Peruvia, and now I can start talking about it.

The story starts with this photo of a store window in Florence:

As you can see, it’s not a brilliant photo, not a piece of art, but a reminder of an idea. The sweater in the photo has a crocheted medallion inserted into a knitted garment. I started working on my version. Mine may look crocheted, but it’s totally knit.

I thought this was going to be the RS:


Then, I turned the piece over:


Some themes seem to repeat. Here’s a wooden medallian I carved a few years back:

To be continued…and continued…

and…..oh, oh, oh

How could I not mention this FIRST?!!!!! I am honored to be seen knitting on the Yarn Harlot’s sock.:)

Close-ups of Adina’s panel

It’s been a very very busy week preparing for TNNA (the national needlework association trade show) and then working the show. I promised to give more pithy instructions for Margery’s birthday afghan. I hope this will help as a start.


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