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Like (how many) millions of folks, I just HAD to have an iPad. I told myself it would be useful but I am not sure I totally believed it, not  100% anyway. Sure , I read what the the naysayers had to say.  It didn’t deter me. I really WANTED it.

Now, I happily and productively use my device , every single day! One of the most productive things I do with it is draw sketches.  To keep organized here in the design office, we sketch everything we are making and put them all together on sheets we call croquis. I used to draw these with pencil on white paper held over a drawing of a model, so I could easily draw in the same scale and from the same viewpoint every time.  That’s my model on the left.  I’ve used her for a while.  Years ago I used to print the sweater drawings on self stick paper and paste them over her, like paper dolls.  I transitioned to just using the sweater.  You may recognize the sweaters from our Blackstone booklet (#298).

I can still draw over the same model if I want to,  its easy to get a scan of her into the iPad, but while trolling for new apps I tripped across the following method of making a sketch:

1 – I use teen targeted fashion app FashionSketch to make a model and outfit to serve as a base.

2 – Next I apply  the photo editing program Photogene to transform the image into a black and white “drawing” and crop the image.

3 – And then I use SketchBook  to draw a sweater and add a layer of white to erase the lines “under” the sweater.


Just so you know, no one aked me to review my iPad or the programs and I paid for them all.


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