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Ask Amanda: What if I find a knot in my yarn?

During college I worked part-time at a yarn shop. One day a customer came in clutching a big black trash bag, which was kind of unusual. As I approached her, she opened the bag to reveal the most gigantic hank of yarn I have ever seen in my life. This thing was monstrous – it was big enough for my 5-year-old cousin to use as a beanbag chair. With a look of desperation in her eyes, she asked a question that still cracks me up to this day: “Can I use your ballwinder for a minute?”

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Norah’s Knits: Summer Knitting

Am I crazy? It is so very cold and snowy outside today in New England. Why would I want to start thinking about summer knits?  Five reasons come to mind: Read more

Knitter’s Spotlight: Comfort Scarves

I’ve used Berroco Comfort to make a lot of winter accessories.  Most recently, I crocheted a hat for my nephew and knit a pair of fingerless gloves for myself. It seems only natural that a scarf would be next on my Comfort “knit list.” As I was looking for patterns on Ravelry, I noticed that a lot of you have chosen Comfort for your scarf projects, too.  So what makes this basic one of the best? Read more

Get to Know Berroco: Norah Gaughan

What I’m about to say may shock you. Before I started here at Berroco, I didn’t know much about Norah. Sure, I had heard her name and even queued a few of her designs on Ravelry, but I was mostly a crocheter and I didn’t pay much attention to those kinds of things. Looking back now, I’m grateful for my knitting industry ignorance. I would have been way too nervous starting a new job with “THE NORAH GAUGHAN” as my boss!

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Ask Amanda: What do I do with an extra stitch?

When I was a teenager, I decided to teach a learn-to-knit class for kids at one of the yarn shops in my hometown. One of the girls seemed to catch on especially fast, so I let her do her thing and spent more time helping another student get started. When I looked up again, the speedy girl was still busily clicking her needles, but I was shocked to see that her knitting was getting wider instead of longer! Read more

Norah’s Knits: Knitting in the Round

When I first learned how to knit I was pretty frustrated when it came to sewing a sweater together. A fairly accomplished seamstress, I assumed that I should put the right sides of my pieces together and sew with the wrong sides facing me, like you would when sewing a blouse. Being a bit of a perfectionist at the time (I have TRIED to relax a bit since) I had an adverse reaction to how sloppy my seams looked. Read more

Knitter’s Spotlight: Avi by Eileen Vito

Eileen Vito’s first knitting project went to the dogs.  I mean that literally, of course. She knit sweaters for her two dogs.  Unfortunately, both dogs gained weight and the sweaters got too tight.  Eileen says she’s pretty sure this is just a coincidence and not a reflection of their feelings about her knitting!  Either way, she was hooked on her new hobby.  As she puts it, “Once I started, there was no looking back.” Read more


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