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Biff and Baffin, at the height of fashion!

Did you see today’s free pattern? Biff is based on Baffin, a baby pattern from Booklet #292 DK Baby.

I was completely tickled to see this video from the NY Times. This booklet is for the fashion forward baby, yo!


a well crafted christmas

I have to show off some of the loot I scored at Christmas. When one of John’s daughters suggested that we all exchange handmade or recycled gifts (or any combination thereof) I wholeheartedly agreed and passed the idea on to the Gaughan side of the family as well. I made out big time.

needle vase and oak table

Mom made me this cool, biologically inspired "needle" vase, which sits upon the GORGEOUS coffee table John fashioned from local oak slabs and planks.


The Ultra Alpaca hot pad Mom gave to John.

pottery yarn ball

...and oh man, isn't this adorable? Mom's design for this "yarn ball" is simply brilliant. (That's Inca Gold being corralled.)


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