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triple play

Here is acton, the third variation, this one sans peplum and knit in Love-it. (See the previous 2 posts for her sisters). For me, Love-it is the summer, or warm climate, Pure Merino.  They stand in very well for one another.  Back to the names – Can you tell me who currer, acton and ellis are?  Ah well, that question is way to easy with Google, but then, that’s how I found the names too. With so many female names in the Berroco archives, it’s hard to find triplets and one story, 3 for all, in Norah Gaughan Vol 2 is all about triplet variations on a theme. 


We photographed in Margery Winter’s home. This room is her husband Milo’s studio. I’ve admired his work for years.  I think maybe his color sense is affecting mine, and definitely in a good way!


Milo was gracious and generous enough to let leave his painting sketches pinned up and strewn about.


Oh and lest I forget, The Knitting Contessa wrapped up a month of Holiday madness with an interview of me on her blog. She asks some questions I don’t think I’ve ever been asked before. 


This one, ellis, is a variation on the red sweater.
The yarn and peplum pattern stitch have changed. Oh, and I added a collar.  

seeing red

I love the quirky quality of this picture. We picked a different, more lush, shot for the norah gaughan vol.2. You won’t find a link on the Berroco site yet, but the booklet HAS started to ship to stores. I hope you like it!red.jpg  Currer, knit in Love-it.(Pure Merino would be an excellent choice for a colder weather version.)  Now let me admit to a bit of cheating.  This is what the knitting really looks like  at the underarm: badshortrows2.jpg The knitter was trying to help and used short rows  instead of casting on every other row and it looks sloppy.  (Don’t worry, she won’t be mortified to read this post).  I used  i-photo to do some very rudimentary touching up. You can see why we need our art director. It’s not my speciality (as they say in the UK).   

beet it

I just can’t hold back any longer. I have to start showing some things from Spring ’08. Knitbits and the Berroco web site will be rolling out the new season in a few short weeks, but I simply can’t wait.

I love this thing! Stuck in our toddler book, I fear it will get over looked. Knitting this was so much fun – making this length of yarn turn into a beet with luscious beet greens and all. I am so “there” with the fast growing (whoops, no pun was intended, but…) trend of knitting and crocheting food. Sure, it’s a bit silly. Sure, it’s totally impractical. Sure, we said it was a children’s toy, but I made it to amuse ME. Look for the dk weight of Berroco Comfort in stores soon. (That’s what the beet is knit in). As a matter of fact, we started shipping it today. Now, I need to get busy on some more vegetables.  I am determined to conquer the romanesco cauliflower.  It’s soooo cool. Maybe a carrot first though.

meeting notes

Here at Berroco we have a weekly meeting to help keep things from falling through the cracks. Between the constant call of the Knitbits newsletter, keeping our web site up to date, publishing Spring 08 and designing Fall 08-09 – there’s a lot going on. In fact, I’m sure that I’ve missed a few things – where are my meeting notes!!??

Above is a glance at Margery’s notepad from this weekly ritual. Being very visual, and not liking to sit still for long, M’s energy reveals it’s self in a highly pictorial collage of meeting topics and design ideas.

Notes on the notes:
(top left) – The pullover referenced above, Wakame, opened up new avenues of design for Margery and me, together, as a team. Yin Yang #262, the booklet in which it appears is one of our best selling pattern publications ever. Folks loving these asymmetrical, deconstructed garments gave us permission to be quirky and touched on an over lap in our design sensibilities.

(bottom left) – The truth comes out. Our knitter didn’t quite have time to finish the sleeves on Alan, and since we had a little boy’s version too – we cheated. We put a jacket on our male model to hide the fact that the sleeves were not actually attached to the sweater and were, in reality, little more than cuffs. After photography, Margery used the front and back of the sweater to make a big sack and added a shoulder strap to make it functional.

(top right) – Ravelry is our friend! Margery also has a special affinity for Bob because he reminds her of her childhood dog Candace goes a Courtin’.

home sweet home

The house was feeling really good to me after Thanksgiving, and I was inspired to snap a few photos of some of the knitting related items that are so much a part of my life:


I love books, especially books about knitting. This is only about 1/4 of my collection. Some are upstairs in the bedroom, some are here in the living room and still more have made their way to the book shelves at Berroco.


I have amassed quite a collection of straight needles – at the ready next to the couch in the sunroom.


I prefer circular needles though, and my favorites are clear and nylon and from the ’70’s. I  still search for them at yard sales.


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