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The candy section at the grocery store has exploded to twice its size. There are styrofoam headstones lining the sidewalks of the houses across my street. I can’t stop eating candy corn. It’s pretty clear that Halloween is right around the corner. Read more

About Wendell

After one of our designs is photographed, we are faced with the difficult task of choosing which photo to use for the pattern. Our fantastic photographer will usually give us a number of good shots and it’s up to us to decide which image showcases Read more

Office Updates

Since moving to a spacious new building, the Berroco offices have been acquiring some cool new decorations. It’s starting to look really nice, so I thought it’s about time I posted a few photos to show the progress. Read more

Back to Ravelry

Fall is creeping in, slowly but surely. Leaves are starting to change color, there are long strands of artificial spiderweb stretched all over the bushes around my neighborhood, and there’s a noticeable chill in the air every morning. Read more


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