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stash and burn excitement

I am thrilled that Stash and Burn chose to interview me for their 50th podcast episode. Jenny and Nicole’s relaxed style made me feel right at home. I think I really sound like “me”. Check it out. 

I like blog posts with pictures, so here’s a photo of a tiny bit of my stash.  Who knew I was so color co-ordinated?  I must be on a kick.


There’s Keltic and Memoirs and Ultra Alpaca Light  (my current favorite) and Ultra Alpaca.  I am very proud of my yard sale, danish modern candle holder. I also love, love, love the cool vase my brother gave me for Christmas,  hand made in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

M’s birthday blanket


A few months back Margery was coming up on a “birthday worth noting” and a few of us who love her wanted to mark the occasion by knitting a little something. Thus the idea for this afghan was born. Granted, it was a rather insane thing to take on in December, right before Christmas, and with our rather full schedules, but Adina Klein, Carla Scott and I each slaved over our 16″ x 60″ strips for weeks. Margery loves African textiles, so we made that the theme. I picked out the palette in ultra alpaca and then we were each on our own.

Taking the project very seriously, Adina carefully composed her strip of mitered squares and stripes:

Carla wowed us all with her interpretation of African textiles: 

Meanwhile, I was going on the theory that the best tribute to Margery was to try to think like she would. M loves black and white stripes so I threw them in my strip with abandon. I changed colors when I felt like it and I changed the pattern stitch when I felt like it. When I ran out of black, I substituted dark grey…

I rather think Adina and Carla out did me, but I love the finished results and so does Margery. If only I had a movie of the look on her face when we gave it to her!  

Thanks Becky!

We are very lucky to have Becky as an intern in our design office for the Spring semester. We work her hard. She runs from winding yarn into balls and keeping our sample drawers in order, to swatching our stitch ideas to answering consumer e-mail. On top of all that, I asked her to write the bulk of this week’s newsletter AND she’s even got a secret design project going. You’ll get to see the results in a few months. Thanks Becky!

It’s Becky Snow’s  senior year in college, studying design.

BFS is a FO!

John in his finished sweater:

The boyfriend sweater is finished. Yippee!!!  Even his sisters may have to admit that he looks pretty darn good in it.  

3/28/08 – John’s sweater pattern is available now free on line:


I thought you might want you see a little of the back story for the pullover mobius from the objet d’art story of norah gaughan vol 2.

My original sketch:

My first idea for this story was “twisted twins”, with pairs of sweaters or sweaters paired with other pieces. In this case my expanded definition for a twin set was going to be pullover and necklace. I thought I’d knit or crochet a necklace in Seduce, incorporating lace stretched onto thin metal bracelets. As the knitting progressed, the story changed and the necklace never got made. The concept for the necklace later became part of our free pattern aurum:

You may recognize the circles, I lifted them from astrid, the red shawl in norah gaughan vol 1.

Ok, back to mobius. The perfect shot came early in photography, but I insisted on torturing everyone by shooting this set up:


I really like this photo, but I had to agree that the photo we used in the book was just “it”.



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