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Find New Berroco Yarns and Patterns for Fall and Winter 2017

We’re so excited to launch our new yarn and pattern collection today! Here’s a quick overview.

Finally, we’ve got a pattern collection for Berroco Ultra® Wool! When we did a soft launch for this 100% superwash wool earlier this year, we wanted to give it a killer pattern collection—so we made it the focal point of Berroco Portfolio Volume 4. We worked with some of today’s most inspiring independent designers to bring you 15 patterns that show off this hard-wearing, machine-washable yarn. Find something you love? You can purchase independent PDFs of these patterns from, download the digital file of Portfolio Volume 4 from Ravelry, or ask your favorite LYS if they have Portfolio Volume 4 in stock!

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We’ve also got four new yarns to share with you! First up is Berroco Quechua™, a luscious sportweight yarn made of merino, alpaca, and yak fibers. We’ve got twelve colors to choose from, and six brand-new patterns in Booklet 389 Berroco Quechua.

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Berroco Bento™ is a lovely superwash merino and silk blend that can go through the washing machine! The six patterns in Booklet 390 Berroco Bento show off the yarn’s gorgeous drape and sheen.

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The prize for softest and squishiest yarn of the season goes to Berroco Catena™, a bulky chainette blend of extrafine merino with just a touch of nylon. This yarn is so incredibly cozy you’ll want to cuddle up in all six projects from Booklet 391 Berroco Catena.

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And finally, last fall’s most popular yarn gets upsized! Berroco Millefiori® and Berroco Millefiori® BIG are the same blend of wool and acrylic in a single-spun, gorgeously variegated yarn. The only difference is that Millefiori BIG knits up at a bulky gauge (opposed to Millefiori’s worsted gauge). There are ten patterns in Booklet 392 Berroco Millefiori BIG and Millefiori, with five patterns in each yarn.

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All of the individual patterns are available at or Ravelry. Or you can head to your local yarn store to purchase the patterns and the yarn to go with them! We’ll have more information on all of the new yarns and patterns throughout the season, as well as free patterns in each of the yarns—be sure to subscribe to Berroco KnitBits to find out all the information first.

9 thoughts on “Find New Berroco Yarns and Patterns for Fall and Winter 2017

  1. This morning, I actually made a list of projects to make and yarns to try …

    This will be tough to prioritize with so many good choices!

    1. Let us know what you think of the new yarns when you have a chance to try them, Gabi!

    2. I made an appointment to visit my favorite LYS on Tuesday (big deal, since it is a 4 hour round trip) to get a TNNA update and take a first look at some of the new yarns and colors live … oh, I can hardly wait!

    3. Oh, the bliss! Oh, the waiting challenge!

      Yesterday I was able to SEE and TOUCH the new yarns! I found a set of samples at my favorite LYS, and those samples seem to be the only ones within 100 miles of driving from where I live.

      While I was not able to “make” something out of those precious samples, here are my first impressions:
      ULTRA WOOL: Wow! It’s on the shelf, I can buy it, I can try it. It’s a plain yarn, of top quality. The colors are many, brilliant, and expressive. For wool, it feels soft. Great stitch definition, it works very evenly and has a nice bounce to it. I give it two thumbs up both for knitting and weaving.
      BENTO: A dream. It’s a little bit thicker than Ultra Wool. It has an amazing shine to it, showing the silk. I was not able to sample it, but based on the way it feels I think it will be fun to work with and create very “sophisticated” items.
      CANTENA: Oooh! A chain yarn, light and airy. Very soft, but not fuzzy. It looks a little thicker than Bento, but it has a stretch to it. I was not able to sample it, but based on the way it looks it wants to be worked on large enough needles to create a light and airy fabric.
      MILLEFIORI BIG: Wow! I will admit that I actually never looked at Millefiori before, but when I saw the Millefiori Big, that changed quickly. For Texas the Millefiori Big is probably a little bit too much, but it should tell you something that I did leave the store with a skein of the “regular” Millefiori, in the new color Begonia …
      QUECHUA (I’m still practicing to properly pronounce the name): I’d call this yarn the queen. This beautiful yarn is the thinnest of the new yarns. I love the “perly” twist of it. It looks natural, calm, dominant. (Wow, it’s actually not easy to describe the character of a yarn!) I could not sample it, but I think Quechua will be a go-to for lacy patterns, and any fabric created with this yarn will have a wonderful drape.

      (Sorry that I cannot attach a picture to this comment!)

      … end of yarn review. Bravo, Berroco. I’m really looking forward to working with ALL of those new yarns!

  2. Wow, lots of great new patterns and beautiful yarns! I’m excited to see Milleflori Big.

    1. Just to be clear, Berroco Bento is the merino and silk blend; Berroco Quechua has merino, alpaca, and yak. Both are absolutely lovely!

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