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Whirlwind June…

June has been exactly like a summer storm. A bit scary, very unpredictable, fast-moving, and at times refreshing and beautiful. It has been an exhausting but inspiring month…

Norah and I spent the first half of the month consumed by TNNA! If you weren’t following our updates on Twitter you can see a wonderful recap thanks to the Hello TNNA wonder team (aka Team Rav!). This was a really cool addition to the show, and an excellent way for knitters at home to get a sense of what will be hot in the upcoming year. This was definitely the most busy, exciting TNNA I’ve attended, and I think it is thanks to all the NEW! We were of course very happy to unveil our Fall/Winter 2010 collection but it was also really fun to participate in new programs like the TIPS [Trends, Ideas and Products] info sessions and to see some first time exhibitors, especially Ysolda who set up a booth that made it feel like you had fallen into her Flickr stream! So fun! Norah and I visited often (see if you can find us…).

The minute we got back we had a photo shoot to think about! It was pure madness for a couple of days there. Deliriously tired, we knit the last few items frantically. This is me, on “vacation” (NOTE SUN PRECAUTIONS! WEAR SPF, EVERYBODY!!):

Even after several crippling beach knitting marathons, I still didn’t manage to finish before the day of the shoot! You can read the whole story here, I participated in the 2 Week Sweater Challenge that Kate at Twist Collective, who was also on deadline, dreamt up. For all the crazy stress, we ending up having a fantastic and easy photo shoot at one of our favorite Providence boutiques, Heir Antiques, which shares a space with Calico. We simply love owner/curator/raconteur Tyler’s aesthetic and he couldn’t be sweeter, which helps to make it a fun day rather than a draining one. Here is a sneak peek at Aidez, the sweater that was nearly in peril!

Have you made it this far?! This long post should give you some sense of how insane this month has been, and if you’re still reading, it is probably safe to say you’re genuinely curious about the goings-on of a design team! If SO, I highly recommend you get yourself a copy of Shannon Okey’s amazing new book The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design. It includes all the stuff I have learned along the way, a lot of new things I want to work on. Honestly, just reading it reminded me how very complex this (admittedly super fun) job can be! Inspiring in so many ways.

Okay! Over and out, see you in July!


A useful gift

A few years ago I ran into the folks who make the Nantucket Diddy Bagg.  They make a really cool, versatile canvas tote. The tool pockets can be on the inside or the outside.. You can use it as a backpack OR a tote OR unzip it and hang it flat on the wall. Originally designed for carpenters, someone cleverly realized that knitters and crocheters would love it too.

So, I instantly bought up 2 of them. One for John, since he was building our house, and one for me, because I needed something to wrangle a variety of needles, scissors and other paraphernalia along with a project or too and have it all easily portable.

the house

The resulting house.

Well, those nice folks who make the Nantucket Diddy Bagg caught wind that was a fan and comped me the newest model I admired the most. It’s made from the super sturdy canvas, like my first one, but it’s shorter and has longer handles, making it convenient and comfortable to carry.  I’m a little embarrassed that my longing look begged it off of them, but so glad to have it. Here it is in use:


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