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Blocking Wires

Rachel of recently offered two sets of her premium blocking wires to the Berroco Design office, and we’ve been finding lots of great uses for them. Read more

The Making of a Kid’s Book – Part 2

Picking up where I left off (see Part 1 for a refresher), let’s look at a few more photos while I share some more stories from the photo shoot for Booklet #320 Big Kids/Little Kids. Read more

A Valentine

These yarns are red,

Our logo is blue, Read more

The Making of a Kid’s Book – Part 1

Making Booklet #320 Big Kids/Little Kids, one of our spring 2012 pattern booklets, was an adventure. We designed 27 different patterns (more than 3 times what we usually include in a pattern booklet) and began planning our photo shoot. Read more


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