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Things are crazy in the design studio! So many things to get ready before the last leg of photography! We’re in the home stretch though. Follow us on Twitter for more frequent updates…



I made my Tilted Duster out of this yarn and it was such a pleasure to work with, light and quick knitting. It’s also a joy to wear, a very wooly wool that is amazingly soft, especially after a nice soak.

Sadly, there have been many Peruvia projects that have been languishing in my mental queue. I’m especially intrigued by all of the skirtless shrug style Tilted Dusters out there on Ravelry. By eliminating the most time consuming part of the sweater these shrugs are practically insta-sweaters!

I’m also craving a Poska from Booklet #264. There is something so adorable and modern about the funnel neck, the cropped length and the graphic mosaic colorwork (note the differently colored sleeves).


Design team member Donna has a Peruvia specific tip: because it is a single-ply roving style yarn it has the tendency to come apart while seaming. This is perfectly normal and not a yarn defect! Your yarn, once knitted will stay put, we promise! But, while you’re seaming it’s best to add a bit of twist as you go. This will stop the natural ‘drafting’ process which sometimes results in a break. She’ll probably use this tip when she knits HER favorite Peruvia pattern, Pakuna from Booklet #277.


My favorite Peruvia tip is the spit splice! Simply rough up your yarn ends, wet them with water (or yes, spit) overlap the ends in your palm and vigorously rub your hands together. This will felt the ends together leaving you with an invisible join and no ends to weave in! Wooly, feltable single-ply yarns were simply MADE for this joining method.

Do you have any Peruvia tips or dream knits? 



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