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Video Tutorials

One of my favorite things about knitting is the fact that there’s always something new to learn. The craft is constantly evolving, and today’s knitting patterns often blend traditional methods with new experimental techniques. Read more

Color Trends for Fall 2012

We’re less than a month away from revealing our new yarns and designs for Fall/Winter 2012… Read more

Berroco Abroad

Berroco yarns and patterns are readily available in hundreds of yarn shops around the United States and Canada, but what if you live in a different country? Read more

Swatch Collage

I’ve made it a habit to save my swatches. I think it stems from my knitting classes in college – our homework every week was to develop 4-6 knitted swatches, Read more

App Happy

In the design office, our iPads are becoming our most indispensable tools. They accompany us to our weekly meetings, assist us at our desks with our daily tasks, and even entertain us during our lunch breaks. Read more


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