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Designer Spotlight: Flower Fairy by Nicky Epstein

A talented knitter, innovative designer and best-selling author, Nicky Epstein is also the only person licensed to knit for Barbie! Her work covers everything from high fashion to whimsy, but she is particularly well known for her love of dolls.

Flower Fairy is a beautiful new pattern from Nicky’s 29th (!) book, Enchanted Knits for Dolls. It is a charming doll outfit knit in several shades of Berroco Captiva and adorned with tiny flowers and beads. The pattern includes instructions for a dress and headband, both of which are worked flat and seamed.

Enchanted Knits for Dolls by Nicky Epstein
Enchanted Knits for Dolls by Nicky Epstein

How did you come up with this design?

I created the Flower Fairy to go along with other traditional figures, because there’s got to be a fairy in an enchanted world. I wanted her to be delicate so I used silk flowers, netting, beads etc.

Did you make it for anyone in particular?

I had my two and a half year old niece, Sofia, in mind. She is a mix of a lovely fairy and a Tasmanian devil… but she’s really an angel.

How did you decide on the yarn?

I wanted a yarn with a unique texture and a bit of shine. I tried a swatch with Berroco Captiva, and the colors and texture were perfect.

Any funny stories?

The dolls were very difficult to make stand and to have their heads, arms etc. pose. We used fishing line and pins in their poor little heads, wire up their backs and sometimes tacky stick under their feet, but they never complained.

If you could knit/crochet something for anyone in the world it would be…?

Hugh Jackman… a scarf, sweater, hat… anything he wanted.

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