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Designer Spotlight: Andrea Rangel and Rugged Knits

Andrea Rangel’s first book, Rugged Knits, is a collection of 24 knitting patterns designed for practical wearing and enjoyable knitting. As a long-time fan of Andrea’s work, I was immediately drawn to the pieces in this collection. They’re all timeless pieces, inspired by a wide range of knitting styles and fashions, and infinitely wearable. I know Andrea to be an adventurous spirit, from bicycling around the Netherlands to working with the Peace Corps, and the projects in Rugged Knits are the kind of knitting patterns you can take anywhere, on any adventure. I would absolutely wear every single project in this book—you know, if I found the time to knit them all. My favorites are the Braided Brook sweater (those gorgeous cables!) and the Woolen Explorer, but there’s something in here for every knitter. Read on for more on the book! Read more

Julia Farwell-Clay: Designer to watch

The designer Julia Farwell-Clay has a great gift for clever knitting. Her work reflects her brilliant mind, with clever twists on traditional motifs and technique. All that said, what always gets me about her work is how she uses patterns. Julia’s Metronome, designed for Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light, is a perfect example of what I mean.

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Designer Spotlight: Kristen TenDyke’s Homa Sweater

Kristen TenDyke is a prolific knitwear designer, best known for her creative ways of making seamless sweater knitting patterns—she’s written two books on the subject and released many beautiful garment patterns that require very little finishing. Her latest pattern release is the Homa Sweater, for which she used Berroco Remix® in the cheery Buttercup color. In addition to keeping the sewing to a minimum, Kristen aims to design with yarns that are eco-friendly, and the 100% recycled fibers used in Remix fit the bill perfectly. I asked Kristen to talk a bit about the ingenious construction of Homa—read on for more about the sweater as well as a chance to win your own PDF of the pattern!

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Through The Loops Giveaway Winner

Wow! I’m so glad you were all as excited about the beautiful Astor Place Mitts designed by Kirsten Kapur as I was. This giveaway of a the PDF and the yarn to knit it, 2 skeins of Berroco Artisan had a fabulous response, but we can only have one winner.

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Berroco Flicker and Berroco Marmot in knit.wear Spring/Summer 2016: Veronica Vest by Joann Rogers

We love seeing how designers combine Berroco yarns into projects, and the Veronica Vest from knit.wear Spring/Summer 2016 is simply stunning! Designer Joann Rogers combined Berroco Marmot® and Berroco Flicker® to create a one-of-a-kind pullover that perfectly merges form and function with just a hint of glitz. I asked Joann to talk about her design—read on for more!

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Kirsten Kapur’s Astor Place Mitts Giveaway

The Astor Place Mitts pattern was just released by Kirsten Kapur as part of the Through The Loops 10th Anniversary Collection. The mitts were designed to make the most of the deliciously slubby, tweedy texture of Berroco Artisan, a worsted weight wool/silk blend workhorse yarn. From Kirsten: “I adored Artisan from the moment you put a skein of it in my hands…It worked up beautifully, and the tweedy texture gives the design a lot of extra surface interest.”

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Knitter Style: Banner Pullover in Ultra Alpaca Chunky

Ellen Mason has a fabulous design sense that always knocks my socks off. She has a knack for clever twists on classic concepts that feel both familiar and completely new at the same time. The result is wearable designs that blend seamlessly into an everyday wardrobe, but there is always a whimsical element that keeps the piece feeling fun and fresh.  Read more


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