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Emily Explains: Picot Cast On

I’m always looking for new ways to embellish my knits and the picot cast on was at the top of my list. I finally had the chance this week to learn how it’s done. The picot cast on is a beautiful technique that can be used to create a scalloped edging along almost any piece. It’s actually very really easy to learn, so it’s a great way for beginners to experiment with their knitting.

Want to try it yourself? Grab some yarn and needles and follow along.

Maybe you can give it a try on your next project!

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7 thoughts on “Emily Explains: Picot Cast On

  1. Is this the cast on for Frida Jane pattern? I bought the pattern but don’t understand the cast on.

    1. Hi Glenda,

      I’m not familiar with the Frida Jane pattern—can you provide a link?

      1. Sorry I put the wrong name in the pattern. It’s Jane #355 on your sight. It says cast on 182 .Row 1 K2 bind off 3, k 2.across104 stitches. I only get 78 stitches. Where am I going wrong? Should it be a different cast on ? Like your picot cast on. On your sight? Cast on 5 stitches k2 bind off 3 slip the stitch back on left needle. Continue until u have 104 stitches? I’m excited to get this started. I spend a lot of time waiting in doctor offices so it helps pass the time. Just picked knitting up again so I’m a little rusty. Please I need your help. Thank you, Glenda

      2. Hi Glenda! Looking at the pattern, you’re supposed to cast on 182 stitches using your preferred cast on (I’d probably use a long-tail cast on). Then you knit 2, bind of 3, and knit 2 again. The repeat sets up so that you’ll have the 2 stitches at the edge, a 3-stitch bind off, then 4 stitches next to each other, then 3 stitches bound off, then 4 stitches, then 3 stitches bound off, continuing to the end of the row. You’re starting with 182 stitches and ending with 104 stitches, so you’re decreasing 78 stitches. This will form a picot-like edge but it’s not truly a picot cast-on as demonstrated in this video. Does this make more sense? Feel free to email patternsupport@berroco.com if you have additional questions—Donna’s really great at answering questions!

      3. OMG! I got it. Thank you for your help. I wasn’t counting correctly. I wasn’t knitting 4 then binding off 3 I was knitting 2 binding off 3 knitting 2 .

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