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Get to Know Berroco: Berroco Remix

There are a lot of things that make Berroco Remix a special yarn. Even before I knit my Adeline in it, I was intrigued by its rustic look and the way it felt – soft but full of texture. How does Remix get such a unique look and feel? It’s actually an interesting story…

Remix is our most eco-friendly yarn and our only yarn manufactured in France. It’s made from 100% recycled fibers – typically leftover garments and knitted fabric panels from the ready-to-wear industry. These materials are collected from all over Europe and then sorted by fiber and color. Finally, they are shredded to a fleece-like fiber, which is carefully blended to produce the desired colors. No need for redyeing! The fibers are spun into a beautiful yarn – part nylon, cotton, acrylic, silk and linen – and shipped to Berroco.

Unlike most of our yarns, Remix arrives in the warehouse on cones. It’s currently the only yarn we use on our balling machine, which relies on a predetermined number of revolutions (at two different angles) to create a ball that’s the right size and weight. It’s impressive to watch – especially when all 16 spindles are going!

Watch Remix go from ball to cone!

Of course, my favorite part of the process is what comes next…buying some and picking a new pattern to knit! Our cozy, spring hoodie, Wetherill, is up there on my list!

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  1. Very interesting, using the same lot number would be more important than usual then, since it’s harder to control what goes in the mix. I made Rafik two years ago, and it looks brand new, no pilling under the arms and very soft.

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    It would be fun be able to visit a yarn factory one day. I remember going to Porcelain and Glass making factories during me apprenticeship way back home sooo many years ago.

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