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Get to Know Berroco: Hollywood Connection

While many locals know the Stanley Woolen Mill as a landmark of the early American textile industry, we here at Berroco think of it as our company’s roots. After all, it’s where the idea for a establishing a yarn company was born.

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Of course, if you’ve ever seen “Oliver’s Story” (the sequel to “Love Story“) you might know Stanley Woolen by another name…Barrett Mills. For a few days in the spring of 1978, our mill got to the play the part of the fictional family business run by Oliver’s father, Oliver Barrett III. As you can see from the gallery below, it was a big deal for the town of Uxbridge and our company – it’s not every day you get to hang out with Ryan O’Neal and Ray Milland!

Ray Milland & Ryan O'Neal film "Oliver's Story" in Uxbridge, MA. Photo Courtesy of Paramount Pictures
Ray Milland & Ryan O’Neal film “Oliver’s Story” in Uxbridge, MA.
Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Since the mill was primarily used to film the retirement party scene (from the end of the movie), they needed lots of extras. So Warren, his relatives and many mill workers got to take part! The director even asked them to bring homemade treats for the buffet table to give the party a more authentic look.


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    superfine Alpaca and 50% peruvian Wool, I don’t know what Peruvian means however,If you would kindly let me know. much thanks – Mabel Olscamp, Abbotsford, B.C.

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