How-To: Fix a Forgotten Yarn-Over

For the past month I’ve been carrying around the most perfect fluffy yellow yarn. I can’t show you the yarn just yet – it is a new one for fall – but I can tell you that it is simply fabulous! I finally began playing with the yarn for a special project. The pattern stitch is made up of a series of yarn-overs that create a pretty lace design that’s simple to knit. I’ve been knitting on this project everywhere, which occasionally means distractions. Most often, I’ve looked down at my knitting and realized I forgot a yarn over. Sometimes when this happens I rip back and fix my mistake. Other times, I do a sneaky little trick to make up for my missed yarn over. This is works if you discover you have forgotten a yarn over in the next row. Watch as I demonstrate…

(Shown below from left to right) This would work with Chock, Zircon, or Hantsuki.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 9.35.59 AM

Hope this helps in your next project!

Happy Making,




  1. every so often I throw in an extra yarn over … messes up my count on the next row. then I have to fix it. grrr. i’ll forget a yarn over, too, but that’s no biggie.

  2. Thank you for making this tutorial. Very helpful. Clear, direct, and without unnecessary chatter. I appreciate your time and generosity!

    Best wishes,
    Dallas, Texas

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