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Emily Explains: Sliding Loop in Crochet

Recently, we got a question about one of our crochet patterns that begins in the round with a sliding loop. I crocheted a lot for a previous job, but I had never heard of a sliding loop for crochet. After a quick Google search, I realized this technique is also known as a magic ring or a disappearing ring. It’s a great skill to have because it helps you start crocheting in the round without getting that pesky hole in the top center of your piece.

Want to learn how? Follow along with me as I demonstrate.

This technique is great for any piece that is crocheted in the round. Sashay, for example, is a great beginning crochet scarf where the sliding loop is very useful.


Happy Crocheting!


5 thoughts on “Emily Explains: Sliding Loop in Crochet

  1. I am crocheting this scarf. My stripes are not even on the ends with squares. It seems to only be on one side of the rows. Any suggestions?

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