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Berroco Yarn and TNNA in Washington, D.C.

We’re back from a whirlwind weekend of yarn and monuments—this year’s summer conference of The National NeedleArts Association (TNNA) was held in Washington, D.C. Each summer, the organization hosts a trade-show in which yarn companies such as Berroco can show off their new fall/winter yarns to yarn store owners. Read more

Amy’s Thread: Fall Collection Sneak Peek

The Berroco team (Emily, Alison, Ashley and I) are on the road this week, presenting the Fall 2015 collection at The National Needlearts Association trade show in Columbus, Ohio. The show is where we get to share our new yarns and designs with yarn shops from all over.

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Barrison’s Travels: TNNA Columbus

As I mentioned in last week’s TNNA in Review, Barrison tagged along on our recent trip to Columbus, OH for The National Needlearts Association‘s summer trade show. She really enjoyed meeting new people, but if I had to guess, I’d say her favorite part was probably the food! She got her first taste of strawberries, steak and of course, Jeni’s ice cream! Read more

TNNA in Review – June 2013

The past few weeks have been whirlwind. I know I say this a lot, but it’s true! We brought on our new designer, Emily, we announced our new collection for Fall/Winter ’13 and last Friday night, we debuted a few of our favorite new designs on the runway at The National Needlearts Association’s (TNNA) Fashion Show in Columbus, OH. Read more

TNNA Review

What a week!  We flew to Long Beach last Thursday morning for The National Needlearts Association’s spring trade show and just got back to the office yesterday.  It was amazing how much we were able to fit into a long weekend!

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Countdown to TNNA Winter 2013

It’s hard to believe that in just a few weeks Norah, Amanda and I will be on our way to sunny Long Beach, California.  We won’t be wasting any time on the ocean, though.  We’ll be at The National Needlearts Association’s annual winter trade show.

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TNNA Columbus Videos + More

What can I say that hasn’t already been said all over the Interweb? I was Tweeting our trip, you can catch up at our Twitter page. It was a whirlwind! It was my second time attending the The National Needle Arts trade show and I felt a lot more comfortable with my new perch. The new collection was really well-received and I was thrilled to see my first design sent down a runway (Locus from the Booklet #289 Lustra). With all the excitement surrounding supersoft Blackstone Tweed™ and the mega-affordable Vintage™, I feel like Lustra™ is getting lost in the shuffle! I’m designing with it now and it’s gorgeous–so shiny and the colors are soOoooOoo pretty. It’s hard to pick a favorite!! That said, I’m knitting with the deep violet blue Provence =)

It is always inspiring to be around so many knitting greats, but the highlight of this show for me was catching up with the younger ‘new guard’ knitters, too many to list here but you know who they are! It’s staggering to look around and see all the bloggers I’ve read for years working for yarn companies, publishing books, going on book tours, building websites and generally kicking butt in the yarn world. And oh yes, having a mess of fun while doing it…Casey from Ravelry suggested that Ysolda and I have a knitwear model walk-off, a la Zoolander (I can only find this Lego version on YouTube)…madness ensued in the lobby of our hotel, with an audience of knitting stars that quickly became our paparazzi.

Watch the Great Model-Off of 2009, graciously shot and compiled by the lovely Laura Chau.


Ysolda and I did our best to recreate all of the most notorious cliches of the knitting fashion world, including one of our favorite tricks, putting on a sweater upside down (a la Violette-de-Luc and Linear)! This usually happens by accident when a stylist misunderstands a garment but with Norah Gaughan sweaters it is often pretty uncanny, they look amazing and completely new! In the videos below you’ll get to see Potter from Norah Gaughan vol. 5 upside down and it looks fantastic. I’ll admit, I was pretty neutral about this sweater before, mostly because it wasn’t very Norah-y. After wearing it all night and noticing the details (perfect collar, cool sleeves, ability to look good when worn “incorrectly…”) I’m sold! And you have to love Mimosa, an energetic new shade of Pure Merino.

Mary-Heather from Ravelry captured Norah jumping to my aid and Jessica from Seattle’s Fiber Gallery captured the SCREAMS of laughter. I’ve uploaded a gallery on Flickr with some iPhone snapshots…not great quality, but hopefully they’ll make one thing clear: Berroco <3s Columbus!



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