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Chasing Clara: Knitlandia by Clara Parkes

The first time I saw Clara Parkes was at my first TNNA (the hand knitting industry’s trade show), in the lobby of the hotel where lots of designers and yarn people were gathered in small groups and socializing. I was standing with my friend Julia feeling utterly overwhelmed. Clara passed through the lobby stopping to say hello to friends and sharing a few of her famous handmade caramels (Claramels). At that point I had been a regular reader of Knitter’s Review for a good 10+ years and had been keeping my copy of the Knitter’s Book of Wool within arms reach. So when Clara handed Julia and I each a Claramel, I was so starstruck I’m not even sure whether I stammered out the appropriate thank you or if I just blushed.

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Amy’s Thread: Welcome Amy!

Not me Amy, this Amy*! This isn’t going to be at all confusing.

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Amy’s Thread: Great Work from Indy Designers

Beautiful work by Independent Designers gets published everyday, we try to highlight as many as we can in our Designer Spotlight series and in my occasional Designer to Watch Series. Here is a short list of a standouts we didn’t get to talk enough about from 2015.

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Portfolio Party Recap

We had a great time at our Berroco Portfolio/Ultra Alpaca Party last weekend. With 10 years of this great yarn and a fabulous new pattern collection, there was a lot to celebrate! We want to thank everyone who joined us for the fun and also share a few pictures for those of you who couldn’t make it.

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Guest Blogger: Teresa Gregorio Talks About the Great Northern Collection

Hi! I’m Teresa Gregorio – knitwear designer of bold, feminine, unique pieces. I’m collaborating with fellow designer Leah Coccari-Swift to create Great Northern, a collection of sweaters, accessories and housewares all inspired by the cult tv show, Twin Peaks.

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Amy’s Thread: Knitter’s Vacation

What’s on the needles? Nothing! OK, not nothing, but we are giving the knitting needles a break.

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A Story of “Good Yarma”

During our recent trip to TNNA, I got to spend some quality time with our new Southern California sales rep, Mona Gutierrez. Mona is pretty much one of the coolest people I’ve ever met. She travels through her territory in a tricked out yarn van spreading her motto of “Good Yarma.” She also runs marathons – while knitting, of course!

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