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Knitted Dresses and Skirts

Knitted skirts and dresses were once a staple of the knitter’s wardrobe. Just as every fashion show used to end with a wedding dress, no magazine was complete with out at least 1 dress if not a dress and 2 piece knitted suit. Exquisite day dresses with smart jackets hand knit with an exciting new fiber, rayon, on US size 1, 2 or 3 were all the rage in the 1930s and ’40s. In the 1950s, mohair was all the rage; in the 1960s, sheath and mini-dresses.

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Banner Weekend

I was recently the recipient of an incredible gift: a hand knit sweater made by my dear friend Ellen Mason, a version of her Banner Pullover from Portfolio Vol. 1.  I don’t think anyone appreciates a hand knit as much as another knitter, and this gift brought tears to my eyes. Fortunately we had a break from all the beautiful summer weather we’ve been having over the weekend and I got to wear my new sweater!

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Amirisu Wisteria

The Spring 2016 issue of the Amirisu Magazine launched with a cardigan knit in Berroco’s Corsica on the cover! The collection includes 8 designs for light weight spring and summer knitting, as well as articles that range from a city guide with profiles of some of the amazing artisans working in Nashville to new books and tools of note. We are so thrilled to be included in this beautiful collection featuring many of our favorite designers.

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Through The Loops Giveaway Winner

Wow! I’m so glad you were all as excited about the beautiful Astor Place Mitts designed by Kirsten Kapur as I was. This giveaway of a the PDF and the yarn to knit it, 2 skeins of Berroco Artisan had a fabulous response, but we can only have one winner.

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Anil Cardigan in Summer Knitscene

The Summer 2016 Knitscene has a new patterns by both of the Amys here in the Berroco Design office. One of my favorite things about designing for magazine editorial is feeling like I get to work with my friends. Check out Amy P.’s dreamy Ipomoea scarf here or continue reading for thoughts and fit advice on the Anil Cardigan designed by yours truly (Amy C.).  Read more

A week on Instagram

Last week the Design Team was on location again photographing the Fall/Winter 2016 collection. Shooting “Fall” in Spring can be a challenge but this year the weather obliged us with a late season Nor’easter that quickly melted away over the course of a single day.

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Knitter Style: Banner Pullover in Ultra Alpaca Chunky

Ellen Mason has a fabulous design sense that always knocks my socks off. She has a knack for clever twists on classic concepts that feel both familiar and completely new at the same time. The result is wearable designs that blend seamlessly into an everyday wardrobe, but there is always a whimsical element that keeps the piece feeling fun and fresh.  Read more


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