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Berroco Design Team at Large, part deux

Norah, Warren and I headed West to attend The National Needlearts Association trade show in San Diego, CA. I’m used to trade shows being in sort of isolated areas but the location here was fabulous. It was breezy and sunny the whole time we were there and we enjoyed some distinctly California moments. Here are some highlights: 

It was so much fun to catch up with everyone, especially our fellow East Coasters (Mary-Heather is an honorary East Coast girl) the Ravelry gang! Casey was a little shaky as he took this picture and when Jess banned him from any more coffee I just about lost it. Speaking of caffeine, how cool is this new mug?! The whole design team is coffee powered so we just love this mug. 

Speaking of design, I have to get to work…on Fall 2009!! Can you believe??



UPDATE: Just noticed a free pattern for Green Squirrelgorgeous cabled hat (Ravelry link) designed by Katy Wight, a Western Massachusetts based designer who loves Ultra Alpaca. Looks like an excellent man hat, and it only takes one skein of Ultra Alpaca!

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  1. awesome video, you guys! (though the Of Montreal made me think I accidentally hit play on my computer at first- ha). TNNA looks like it was a blast!

    January 30, 2009
  2. Great video! What the name of the band you played? Guessing from Jess’ comment, is it Of Montreal? Anyway, I like it a lot.

    January 30, 2009
  3. great trip video! thaks fro the link to the great cabled hat!

    January 31, 2009
  4. Thank you for getting back to me!:)

    February 2, 2009
  5. that’s a great little video, but omg, THE DOLLS! weird!

    February 2, 2009
  6. curlyred #

    Are you three going to be at Stitches West? If so where can we find you??

    February 3, 2009
  7. The video is so fun! looks like you had so much fun :) and yeah, the music was great too1

    Good luck with Fall 2009!

    February 4, 2009
  8. Awesome cinematography! Although the dolls scare me too. What were they thinking?

    February 4, 2009
  9. p.s.-Thank you very much for the breakfast!

    February 5, 2009

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