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Knitting with Berroco Linus

We here at Berroco like to experiment with different yarn constructions, and Berroco Linus® is no exception. This unique yarn is a great choice for summer, as it’s super light and contains no animal fiber. Let’s take a closer look at Linus! Read more

The Perfect Cotton Yarn for Summer Knitting: Berroco Modern Cotton

As the temperatures heat up, we knitters look for yarns that keep us cool and comfortable in warm climates. Berroco Modern Cotton™ is a great yarn for summertime garments and accessories—it’s a blend of cotton and rayon that’s super soft to the touch.  Read more

Knitting with Berroco Fuji

This week, I’m taking a look at Berroco Fuji™, a lightweight cotton, silk, and synthetic blend yarn that has a worsted weight gauge. Fuji is great for a variety of projects in both knitting and crochet patterns. Read on for more about this cool yarn! Read more

Fun, fast knitting with Berroco Espresso

One of the reasons I wanted to blog about Berroco yarns is that, for all the Berroco yarn I’ve knit with and loved, there’s still so many that I’ve yet to work with. This week’s yarn feature is one of those—I’d never worked with Berroco Espresso® before knitting the swatch for this post. This brightly multicolored yarn features a unique construction and highly variegated colorways—let’s take a look!

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Weaving in ends with Mykonos

One of our new yarns, Berroco Mykonos™, is a little different from the rest. Mykonos is a core-spun yarn, which means it’s really two yarns, one wrapped around the other. The core of Mykonos is a super strong linen, which give this yarn its beautiful drape. The linen is covered in a wrapper of rayon which gives it the shimmery, slippery surface. Lovely to work with and to wear but how to weave in the ends?

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Berroco Fiora is a Cotton Blend Yarn for Summer

The weather’s finally warming up here in New England so I’m looking at my warm-weather knits and trying to figure out what to wear. One of the key components of knitwear for summer is picking a yarn that will be lightweight and comfortable against the skin, and cotton blend yarns such as Berroco Fiora® fit that bill perfectly.

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Eco-friendly Recycled Yarn: Berroco Remix

Last week, designer Kristen TenDyke described in detail the construction of her Homa Sweater, designed in Berroco Remix®. Kristen talked about why she chose to use Remix for this sweater, and had previously written a review about Remix on her website. I had not yet knit with Remix, so I figured that today, to coincide with the announcement of our giveaway winner, I’d take a look at this recycled fiber yarn!

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