Soft, squishable fun to knit with Berroco Plush

Berroco Plush® is back! Along with Berroco Suede™, we’ve re-released two shades of Berroco Plush—classic Cream and inky Black. This 100% nylon yarn is great for adding a shearling-like trim to projects, such as Gardiner, from Booklet #383 Berroco Suede. But it’s great for so much more!

Berroco Plush and Berroco Suede are a great pairing for cute baby booties, too. Our new free knitting pattern, Baby Mocs, pairs one ball of Berroco Suede with one ball of Berroco Plush for the edging in this vintage moccasin–inspired baby shoes. And many years ago, Candi Jensen paired Suede and Plush to create her Suede Baby Booties—now you can knit them again!

Baby Mocs free baby knitting pattern

Suede Baby Booties by Candi Jensen

I love Berroco Plush for toys—especially bears! I knit the Due North pattern from Denise Powell using Plush many years ago, and it’s one of my go-to patterns for baby gifts to knit. (This is the best photo I have of my bear, but I feel it gives a sense of how squishy he is!) I’ve even experimented with both the cream and black colors of Plush to make panda versions… which I forgot to photograph. Trust me, they were adorable.

We’ve got a couple of free bear knitting patterns for you, too! Teddy Bear is a flat little bear pattern, and Harry Bear has a bit more dimension to him. Harry Bear was designed for Berroco Chinchilla, a chenille yarn that we carried many years ago, but could easily be knit with Berroco Plush instead—after all, it doesn’t have to fit anything!

Teddy Bear free knitting patternHarry Bear free knittingpattern

Of course, you could use Berroco Plush to knit pretty much anything. It could work up into a super soft and snuggly sweater or poncho!

Sandy free sweater knitting pattern

Sheri free sweater knitting pattern

Paige free poncho knitting pattern

What do you plan to knit with Berroco Plush? Use our Store Locator to find the LYS nearest you carrying the cream and black colors of Plush.

3 thoughts on “Soft, squishable fun to knit with Berroco Plush

  1. The Harry Bear is definitely a favorite, and I’m wondering if I can manage to use the black and white Plush to make a Panda bear … I have to think if I want to take on that challenge right now, though, because …

    I definitely want to experiment with the Suede and Plush combination … I love it. I ordered some sample colors yesterday for that purpose. I have two weaving projects in mind: One is a baby blanket with Suede flowers, on a white Plush background. The second one is a vest with Suede flower accents, for the fall, and the edging would be the white Plush, similar to the trimming on the baby booties.

    Well, at least we can dream, right?

    1. Oh I’m really curious to see how they’d turn out when woven! If you are able to complete that project, I hope you’ll share with us!

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