Donna’s Ode to Berroco Remix

I have been using Berroco yarns since 1985. Since that time, there have been many beautiful yarns that have come and gone. I still have some of them in my stash. However, I. Love. Berroco Remix®.

I love how it smells.  I love how it feels while knitting with and wearing it. And I have loved it since it arrived on the scene in 2010. If you have a sensitivity to wool, Remix is a great choice, as it has no wool. It is nylon, acrylic, cotton, silk, and linen. It knits like a dream. And it’s 100% recycled.

The Sarkis bag from booklet 303 is the first piece I knit with Remix. Booklet 303 features patterns for the whole family made with Remix. Then Amanda Keep Williams designed Sawtelle for children. It’s such a great little cardigan that many people and myself requested the adult version. I made three. Now there are many more patterns for Remix and many still on my to-knit list. Then I made Kaver by Norah Gaughan (here’s a photo of me wearing one of my Kavers).

Cassia was the next big one for me. Norah and I both made this one before the books had been printed. Then I made one for my daughter with a hood. Since then I have made two more Kavers in other colors.

Capron, designed by Emily Nora O’Neill, is a lovely little throw that I keep in my car. And now…. we have Berroco Remix® Light! It is unbelievably soft. Booklet #386 has six awesome pieces. Two different size shawls, a little cardigan, two lovely pullovers, and a fabulous ruana. I hope you will try out this yarn and fall in love with it like I have.






4 thoughts on “Donna’s Ode to Berroco Remix

  1. Remix is by far my favorite yarn from Berroco. I’ve made a few items from Berroco #303. I could not agree with Donna more on her assessment of the yarn. It is great to work with and the colors are beautiful! Please don’t ever discontinue this yarn!!

  2. I made Rafik over 5 years ago and it still looks like new after regular wear. I have another sweater’s worth in my stash which will probably become Brenda York’s Kale.

  3. just started weaving with this yarn and I love it. I agree about the smell and feel of the yarn. It is weaving with ease and I’m so glad my LYS suggested to me.

  4. REMIX is down-to-earth like me – Remix fits my ticket for a finished project that is long lasting, stylish but not necessarily trendy (all right – I might find a pattern that allows me to go with trendy, too) ….. absolutely love this yarn …… wish my entire stash consisted of REMIX and I’d be happy to add some new Remix -Light! …..

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