Introducing Berroco Remix Light

I’ve expressed my love of Berroco Remix® in the past. Okay, love is an understatement. My obsession is the truth. And even though I have this feeling for Remix, I have always wished we would someday have a lighter version. Well it’s finally happened! A DK weight of the same gorgeous, wool-free yarn that is perfect for spring and summer garments is finally here.

We have a whole booklet dedicated to Berroco Remix® Light and I designed a free shawl pattern called Forsythia in Buttercup. Once I was finished with Forsythia, I thought, “what next?” Like many of you, I already have plenty of unfinished projects, but I needed to make something else with this pretty yarn. As I was scrolling in Instagram, sometime in mid-March, there it was. The call for test knitters for a sweet, A-line, short sleeve v-neck sweater with mock cable ribbing! I had never done a test for anyone but I had to sign up immediately.

I emailed Annie Lupton aka bohochicfiberco on Instagram to volunteer for the test knit. My size was still available and I was given the go ahead. The pattern is called Boho Love (here’s the Instagram post for a sneak peek)and I had the perfect yarn. The pattern is set to debut on May 15th—which is the same day that our Berroco Remix Light Knit-along starts, so you could join in with this great project if you wanted! Head over to Ravelry and check out her photos in her Ravelry group. Here are a couple of pics of my Boho Love in Juniper #6991.


Remix lt.jpg

Boho Love closeup.jpgBoho Love front.jpg

What project are you making for the Remix Light KAL? Let us know over on Ravelry!

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