Introducing Berroco Pima 100, our new Pima cotton yarn

When you think of knitting or crocheting projects for warmer weather, you probably think of using a plant-based fiber. They’re generally cooler to the skin and softer than animal fibers, making them ideal for those days when the temperatures are so hot and the air so humid that you can barely breathe. (I grew up in Florida, and I am not a fan of summer, so your reactions to warmer weather may be different than mine ;)). Our new 100% cotton yarn is a perfect choice for such projects. Berroco Pima 100™ is made from pure Pima cotton. I admit to not knowing much about the different types of cotton, but I can tell you this—Pima is an extra-long staple fiber, meaning that each of the fibers used to spin are on the longer side. A longer staple means it’s easier to spin, resulting in a smoother yarn.

There are plenty of yarns with Pima cotton—we even had Berroco Pure® Pima many years ago—but what makes Pima 100 extra special are the colors. We launched this yarn with 38 sophisticated shades, with plenty of neutrals, gorgeous deep tones, and cheery bright colors, but our yarn has a matte finish, so instead of being shiny, each of these colors has a slightly subdued, more mature quality to it.

We launched booklet #385 Berroco Pima 100 with six knitting patterns designed to show off this yarn’s wonderful drape and stitch definition. From the lacy elements of Lourdes to the structural stitches of Larue, Pima 100 demonstrates that it can handle any stitch patterns you throw at it. It’s even gorgeous in simple stockinette pieces, such as Aliisa and Cosette, and with so many colors, you can work eye-catching colorblocked pieces, such as Marquita.

You can find Berroco Pima 100 at an LYS near you.


    1. Hello! It’s a worsted weight yarn, with a recommended gauge of 5 stitches to the inch.

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