Pattern Ideas for Berroco Nebula

Berroco Nebula™ debuted earlier this year, but because we didn’t have it in stock early enough to do a design collection with it, we didn’t really talk about it here in Berroco Land. But we’re finally sharing the news, far and wide, about this out-of-this-world new yarn!

Nebula is a 100% superwash merino yarn. This single-ply yarn works up at a sportweight gauge, making it a great choice for lightweight, simple project where the yarn does all the work—the long, graduated color changes that each cake undergoes makes it easy to create bold, beautiful projects without a lot of knitting fuss. 

We launched the yarn with ten colors, all named after constellations (the first constellations we could think of are also the names of zodiac signs—don’t worry, Cancer and Leo will be showing up very soon!). At the time we didn’t have patterns designed specifically for this yarn, but that didn’t stop anyone! A quick Ravelry search shows that people have been using Nebula to knit and crochet a variety of projects.

Just this week, we released the first of our own patterns in Berroco Nebula. Trelawny uses one cake of Nebula to knit a long scarflette. We’ll have more patterns for this great yarn very soon, so stay tuned!
Trelawny free scarf knitting pattern in Berroco Nebula

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  1. this is really exciting – I wanted to make an afghan with hearts in squares but was not thrilled by the other yarns with long colorways. This one I am going to use!

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