Get Comfy—Knitting and Crocheting with Berroco Comfort

If you want a yarn that is soft and washable, with many colors and weights to choose from, then Berroco Comfort® is the yarn for you. This wool-free yarn is made from nylon and acrylic, so it’s incredibly easy to care for—just throw it in the washing machine! Plus, it’s available in worsted, chunky, DK, and sock weights, making it one of the most versatile yarns in our line up.

Greenway free crochet afghan pattern in Berroco ComfortWe have a library of patterns to choose from, for every one in the family. And we partnered with craft publishers Stewart, Tabori & Chang to create a huge project consisting of 24 crocheted and 27 knitting afghans: Berroco Comfort® Knitting and Crochet: Afghans. By time we finished this book, I knew most of the color numbers and color names of Comfort yarn—which is noteworthy because there are so many colors (currently, we have 95 different shades in the worsted weight Berroco Comfort). Our favorites were Hummus and Aunt Martha Green.



Bright Star blanket knitting pattern in Berroco Comfort

Then, in 2012 we did another book called Berroco Comfort® Knitting & Crochet: Babies and Toddlers. Patterns for toys, hats, throws, and everything in between. The book also features the cutest babies and toddler models.

Snowflake Blanket crochet pattern in Berroco Comfort
Have you used any of the weights of Berroco Comfort for a project? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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  1. I love, love, love Comfort! I have a great pullover using chunky and I used the worsted weight last year to make a cardigan. I totally have that onesie pattern in my queue to make as a gift this summer. Such a great alternative to wool!

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