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Amy’s Thread: Swatches for Cecelia

Our next knit-along starts soon - we're going to be knitting Cecelia from booklet #357 Comfort for Baby. Emily designed this beautiful baby blanket with Berroco Comfort Chunky, so it's a quick knit. But if baby knits aren't up your ally, this project makes a beautiful lap blanket or shawl, too! We couldn't resist making a… Continue reading Amy’s Thread: Swatches for Cecelia

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Emily Explains: Pom-Pom Bunnies

There are lots of legends and myths associated with the Easter Bunny. Some people believe this symbol is connected to Eostre, the goddess of fertility - and a possible inspiration for this holiday's name - who is said to have been accompanied by a hare. German settlers are credited with spreading the modern tradition of… Continue reading Emily Explains: Pom-Pom Bunnies

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Emily Explains: Knitting with Beads (as you go)

For this week's how-to video, I'm showing you a new way to knit with beads. I was motivated to learn this technique when I was putting together next week's KnitBits. It features a soon-to-be-released free pattern in Cirrus that I've been eyeing in the design office for months now! I can't wait for all of you to see it,… Continue reading Emily Explains: Knitting with Beads (as you go)

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Emily Explains: Knitting Surgery

Sometimes our knitting samples do not come out as we anticipate - something get lost in translation between desiging and knitting and you end up with this... You might not recognize it, but this is what our most recent Knitbits pattern, Malemute, looked like a few weeks before our photo shoot. For a few moments, it felt… Continue reading Emily Explains: Knitting Surgery

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Norah’s Knits: Knit for Yourself!

The rush of the gift-giving season has subsided and the cold of winter is setting in. This is about the time I dream of knitting for myself.  I'm hoping to have more free time to snuggle up on the couch with a cat or two, get an old movie playing and knit. I love that… Continue reading Norah’s Knits: Knit for Yourself!

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Norah’s Knits: Color of the Week – Marigold

Sunday morning, after we've knocked out the NY Times crossword puzzle, my husband and I each dive into our iPads and peruse our Zite feeds the way we used to devour the Sunday paper. Yes, the times, they are a changing, but I'm having fun changing with them.  If it weren't for my new habit… Continue reading Norah’s Knits: Color of the Week – Marigold

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Barrison’s Travels: Japan

Barrison is a furry little bear who lives at Berroco. Look familiar? She was actually the inspiration for a free pattern featured in our KnitBits newsletter earlier this year! When she isn't modeling, she loves to knit and hang out with the design team. She also loves to travel! So she was pawsitively thrilled when our… Continue reading Barrison’s Travels: Japan

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KnitBits Preview: A Fine Italian Yarn

Berroco yarn is manufactured in mills all over the world, but we do most of our buying twice a year at a huge trade show in Florence, Italy.  That's where our beautiful Berroco Cirrus comes from.  There’s an interesting story about this fine Italian yarn, and the family that makes it, in tomorrow’s KnitBits. As… Continue reading KnitBits Preview: A Fine Italian Yarn