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Barrison’s Travels: Japan

Barrison is a furry little bear who lives at Berroco. Look familiar? She was actually the inspiration for a free pattern featured in our KnitBits newsletter earlier this year!

When she isn’t modeling, she loves to knit and hang out with the design team. She also loves to travel! So she was pawsitively thrilled when our graphic designer, Taro, invited her on a family trip to Japan at the end of March.

Barrison poses with a guardian lion in Kamakura.
Barrison poses with a guardian lion in Kamakura.

Barrison is usually pretty comfortable in her own fur during spring, but Norah knit her a stylish scarf in Berroco Cirrus just in case it got cold. She loved her new scarf so much she wore it every day!

Get the free pattern for Barrison’s scarf: Aizu

She spent a week in Japan, taking in the sights with Taro, his wife, Susan, his daughter, Maia, and his sister, Kaori. They traveled from Fukushima, to Aizu, to Kamakura to Tokyo. When Barrison got back home, she made a slideshow of her pictures to share with all of you.

Have you made a Barrison of your own? We’d love to see what your little bear is up to. You can tweet pictures to @berrocodesign with the hashtag #BarrisonBear or #BarrisonsTravels. Be sure to check back to see where Barrison travels next!

6 thoughts on “Barrison’s Travels: Japan

  1. Such a great idea. A knitted Flat Stanley…but much cuter! Funny commentary, too. I like that you asked people to make their own Barrison Bear and send in pictures of where Barrison’s been. I think I might try that for my grandkids! Maybe you could share this video on your Facebook page so more knitters could see it, because I don’t think many people like to register for sites like WordPress unless they have a blog.

  2. This travelogue and music was darling and made me smile. I think my new granddaughter will love a little “friend” like Barrison to take on her travels. Thanks!

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