KnitBits Preview: A Fine Italian Yarn

Berroco yarn is manufactured in mills all over the world, but we do most of our buying twice a year at a huge trade show in Florence, Italy.  That’s where our beautiful Berroco Cirrus comes from.  There’s an interesting story about this fine Italian yarn, and the family that makes it, in tomorrow’s KnitBits.

As always, you’ll also find a new free knitting pattern.  This week it’s a lightweight cardigan with a flirty ruffled trim, knit in Berroco Cirrus.

free pattern

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  1. I always like the e.mails coming. It is a delight to see what the whole world is doing. Just one thing – only if you do not mind “BERROCO”? this cardigan pattern is so nice, I like the colour, just one thing PLEASE? I can not see the flirty, ruffled on it. I do like so much, when you are taking a picture that I can have some idea what it is looks like. Sorry if I upset someone, I did not mean it, but this is the way I feel.

    1. Hi Julie,

      We’re so glad you like our emails. I’m sorry if you weren’t able to see the ruffle. It’s just along the bottom edge of the sweater. If you visit the pattern page you’ll find a larger image and a 360 video, which should give you a better idea of how it looks. Here’s the link:

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