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Norah’s Knits: Knit for Yourself!

The rush of the gift-giving season has subsided and the cold of winter is setting in. This is about the time I dream of knitting for myself.  I’m hoping to have more free time to snuggle up on the couch with a cat or two, get an old movie playing and knit. I love that I can be productive while indulging in a bit of cozy stillness.  Is it possible to be lazy and productive at the same time? Here are four free patterns in my queue just waiting for a stormy weekend.

I’ve already knit myself a yellow Valdai, but there is something fun about a project that changes constantly, is still easy to learn and that I can finish in 2 evenings. I could use an injection of red in my mostly grey wardrobe – #2510, Grand Canyon is is a gorgeous color.

Pullovers are looking better and better to me these days, now that skinny pants and huge sweaters are once again wardrobe staples.  Catalpa is calling my name.  Since I’ve already got an oversized pullover in Remix and I love wearing wool in a cold house, Peruvia is my substitution of choice. I’m torn between Gris Marengo #7117 and Dragon # 7123.  It depends whether I’ll be wearing it more with jeans or with my favorite black pants from The Gap.  The pants I love so much are called Ultra Skinny, which is pretty funny, because I am not (ultra skinny), but the fit is great! I’ll be making this pullover with at least 6-8″ of positive ease and I’ll make it longer too.  I love the narrow sleeves on this one, since it helps keep the huge sweater flattering.

The other pullover I am tempted by is one I designed a LONG time ago – maybe 9 or 10 years ago, before I came to work at BerrocoGina was originally designed for Suede, but we suggested Vintage as a great substitute when we made Gina a free pattern a few months back.  I’m planning to substitute Maya. The cables will be amazing  It will be a little bit dressier, while still being machine washable. Two inches of positive ease will be about right for this one, especially since it flairs out and is a bit roomier in the hips.

 There is no way to adjust the length on this one, since the pattern stitch is so carefully planned.  I’ll be fine with the long length though, with either really narrow pants or really wide ones. (I find the middle of the road widths not nearly as flattering on me). And you can call me boring, but I know I’ll wear this all the time if I make it in Cacao #5622.

Maybe because it is unexpected, I’ve always been intrigued by the sweaters using a large yarn for the ribbing and a smaller yarn for the base.

We originally designed Bellam to take advantage of the like minded color ways in Boboli and Borealis.  I am picturing a solid color version for myself.  I’ll use Kodiak for the ribbing and bits of decorate pattern stitch and Ultra Alpaca for the  body.  I’m debating between Weasel # 7005 and Steel Cut Oats # 6208 or Harbor Seal #7007 and Salt & Pepper #6207. Something tells me that the grey combo will win. For knitter’s who like to wear more color, I think there is a great Ultra Alpaca match for almost every shade of Kodiak.

Since this one is a little harder to imagine,  I swatched a bit to prove to myself that my idea will work:


I like it even more than I thought I would!

Is January the start of the selfish knitting season for you as well?

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