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Banner Weekend

I was recently the recipient of an incredible gift: a hand knit sweater made by my dear friend Ellen Mason, a version of her Banner Pullover from Portfolio Vol. 1.  I don’t think anyone appreciates a hand knit as much as another knitter, and this gift brought tears to my eyes. Fortunately we had a break from all the beautiful summer weather we’ve been having over the weekend and I got to wear my new sweater!

Editing the Portfolio Volumes 1 and 2 has been the most rewarding project I have worked here at Berroco. Having the opportunity to work with so many incredibly talented designers is humbling and inspiring. Of course I’m not really supposed to have a favorite, but Banner has been top of my queue since the sketch was first submitted for consideration.


Ellen elongated the body and sleeves a little and then thought better of it—making it an absolute perfect fit for yours truly. I anticipate wearing this pullover constantly in the fall and winter.



Banner is worked in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Chunky—a cozy blend of 50/50 wool and alpaca. Ellen Mason’s Banner Pullover has been written about here before—Ellen created these beautiful alternate color way sketches for this post.

Ultra Alpaca Chunky has new colors for Fall 2016, and now comes in a total of 24 shades. I’m excited for all the new color combinations for Banner pullovers. These are a few of my favorite combinations using the new shades:




Which shades would you choose?





4 thoughts on “Banner Weekend

  1. Cerulean and charcoal would be my choice but I love the colors your friend chose, they work perfectly with jeans and look great on you! My friends are always joking about how many gray sweaters I own….

  2. I think the light grey and blueberry combination is my favorite but I like the versatility of this pattern. Color blocking is very fun!

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