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Berroco Mixer: Thick and Thin Summer Yarn

This week I’m taking a look at Berroco Mixer®, a thick and thin yarn that’s perfect for summer knitting. Mixer blends cotton, polyester, rayon, and nylon into a thick and thin tape yarn that creates a one-of-a-kind fabric. Read on for more about Berroco Mixer.  Read more

New for Spring 2016! Berroco Mykonos

We’ve got three new yarns for Spring 2016, and last week I talked about my experience of knitting with Berroco Elba™. This week, I experimented with another of the new yarns, Berroco Mykonos™. Like Elba, Mykonos is a plant based-fiber yarn, but unlike Elba, a 100% cotton yarn, Mykonos is 66% linen, 26% nylon, and 8% cotton. Both Elba and Mykonos are also constructed in unique ways—Elba is a tape yarn, and Mykonos… well, Mykonos is something really special.

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Amy’s Thread: Knitter Fidelity

Are you loyal to your knitting projects? Do you work on one project at a time or do you shop around…different projects for different moods? Read more

Get to Know Berroco: Berroco Remix

There are a lot of things that make Berroco Remix a special yarn. Even before I knit my Adeline in it, I was intrigued by its rustic look and the way it felt – soft but full of texture. How does Remix get such a unique look and feel? It’s actually an interesting story…

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Emily Explains: What if I have to unravel my knitting again… Is this okay?

I learned how to knit during my first year at college. I took a machine knitting class where I made my very first knitted garment (a pink dress covered in pink florals)! At the end of the class, I immediately begged my friends to teach me everything they knew about handknitting. Read more

Get to Know Berroco: Shipping

As many of you know, we switched manufacturers last year, which caused a delay with some of our Berroco Comfort yarns. It was tough because – as much as we knew we wanted to take the time to make sure our new Comfort yarn was as good or better than our old Comfort yarn – we HATE backorders! I’m sure you can relate.

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Ask Amanda: What’s a dye lot?

Back when I was still a new knitter, I came across a gorgeous hank of alpaca in a really pretty color. I knew it would make a beautiful sweater, but there was only one hank of the color I liked on the yarn shop’s shelf. When I took it up to the counter to ask if there were any more hanks hiding somewhere in storage, it turned out to be the last one. Luckily, the shop owner offered to order another bag of that color for me. I happily placed the order, but I couldn’t wait to start knitting with that yarn, so I decided to buy the single hank and start swatching right away. Of course, the shop owner pointed out that the dye lot of the new yarn probably wouldn’t match the dye lot of the single hank, but I didn’t think much of it.

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