Get to Know Berroco: Shipping

As many of you know, we switched manufacturers last year, which caused a delay with some of our Berroco Comfort yarns. It was tough because – as much as we knew we wanted to take the time to make sure our new Comfort yarn was as good or better than our old Comfort yarn – we HATE backorders! I’m sure you can relate.

Our first shipment of Berroco Comfort arrived on February 27 and more shipments have been coming in every two weeks since. Of course, that’s just the beginning of the process for our warehouse crew. It’s all hands on deck when a new Comfort container arrives. They work hard to make sure the yarn ships as soon as it is unloaded – sometimes later that same day. It’s a really cool process, and arguably one of the most important jobs at Berroco! After all, they’re sending those orders to a LYS near you!

Watch this video to see how it’s done:


  1. For some strange reason I can’t view this video – it says it’s private.

    Hope I can view it sooner or later as I enjoy watching Berroco’s informative videos.


  2. It’s nice to see some familiar faces still there 🙂 Congrats on moving to a new space!
    All the best,
    Becky Snow

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