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Jennifer Steingass Talks Top-Down Sweater Knitting + Dreyma

The random number generator has spoken and Cheryl is our giveaway winner!

We’ve just mostly wrapped up our Lopi Sweater knit-along! I say mostly because not everyone is finished, and some of us (yours truly included) have cast on for more than one so we’ll still be chatting in the Berroco Lovers group on Ravelry about our progress as we go along. As you know, the Lopi Sweater KAL was primarily focused on bottom-up sweaters with colorwork at the yoke. But we also championed anyone wanting to make a top-down sweater knitting pattern (after all, we mostly just wanted to celebrate the awesome Lopi yarn with a new sweater or cardigan).

Tolt Yarn & Wool host an annual Icelandic Wool Month each March, and as part of it, they release a new pattern from an independent designer along with other goodies. This year’s pattern, Dreyma, was designed by Jennifer Steingass, who has created many beautiful bottom-up and top-down sweater knitting patterns. I asked Jennifer to talk a little bit about designing a top-down sweater knitting pattern (she has also designed some lovely bottom-up sweaters if you prefer that construction) and her thoughts on some alternate colorways for Dreyma.

After having knit many bottom-up yoke sweaters over the past few years, I finally took the plunge and learned how to design a top-down Icelandic yoke sweater this past summer. I learned out of necessity, because when I swatched for my Fern & Feather sweater pattern, I decided that the yoke motifs for that particular design looked terrible when knitted from the bottom up. Since top-down construction is very popular and customers had been asking for top-down versions of some of my pre-existing patterns, I was glad to finally find the motivation to try designing a top-down yoke, even though I had never knitted one before. I was so happy with the results, although I did find charting the yoke to be a bit more challenging than I would have expected.

Jennifer Steingass Fern & Feather Sweater Knitting pattern

Soon after my successful attempt at top-down Fern & Feather, it was time to cast on for Dreyma, my lopapeysa design for this year’s Tolt Yarn & Wool Icelandic Wool Month. I asked the team at Tolt whether they’d like top down or bottom up, and they asked me to construct the sweater top down. After having so much fun knitting and designing Fern & Feather, I was eager to design another yoke in the same manner.

Jennifer Steingass Dreyma top-down sweater knitting pattern

Top-down construction has a few advantages: you can try on as you go, so it’s easier to get the length and yoke depth just right. Also I think it’s so much fun to watch the yoke grow and radiate outwards while knitting it. Top-down sweater knitting does have one disadvantage—it requires casting on all the neckline stitches right at the beginning. So if you think you might want to go back and adjust your neckline width later, you can cast on provisionally and then go back and adjust later, if needed, and bind off your neckline stitches when you’re finished.

I enjoy top-down yoke knitting so much, that I have now designed 4 lopapeysa patterns that use top-down construction and invisible increases: Fern & Feather, Treysta, Arboreal, and most recently, Dremya.

Jennifer Steingass Treysta top-down sweater knitting patternJennifer Steingass Arboreal sweater knitting pattern

One of my favorite features of Dreyma and my other top-down yoke sweater designs are the left-leaning invisible increases I use in the yoke (Inv-L increases). I learned this increase technique when knitting the sleeves of Jared Flood’s Grettir yoke sweater several years ago, and it’s been my go-to increase style ever since. It’s easy to execute and inconspicuous. I’ve shared a video showing how to do this increase on my Instagram feed.

I especially loved knitting Dreyma, my most recent release. Using natural black, grey, and white shades of Icelandic wool, I created a subtle fading effect through the yoke. Lettlopi comes in so many beautiful tonal shades and the the sweater would look equally good in a light body color with darker colors fading through the yoke. Or if working with a similar color palette, dark shades like bottle green, navy blue, or brown make a great backdrop for the lighter, fading yoke motifs.

CLOSED To keep the celebration of Icelandic wool going, we’re giving away a kit to make Dreyma in the original colors! Tolt Yarn and Wool is graciously contributing a PDF of the Dreyma pattern, along with a Dreyma enamel pin, and Berroco will be providing the Lettlopi yarn, a Berroco project bag, and a Lopi pin to one lucky winner! Unfortunately we can only offer this prize to folks 18 years of age or older who live in the United States or Canada.

To enter:
Leave a comment on this blog post before 3:00 pm EST Friday, March 23, 2018, letting us know whether you prefer top-down or bottom-up sweater knitting and which pattern of Jennifer’s (other than Dreyma) you’d most like to knit. Our blog is set so that all comments must be moderated before the appear, so please be patient. We will approve all comments (as long as they’re not spam), but we cannot do it automatically.

Be sure to follow Jennifer and Tolt Yarn and Wool on Instagram for more sweater-knitting inspiration!

182 thoughts on “Jennifer Steingass Talks Top-Down Sweater Knitting + Dreyma

  1. Top-down makes the most sense for my body – long arms and a short torso. They’re easier to try on as I go.

  2. I like top down sweaters best. Because I can make it longer if I want to or need to. I think I’m going to have to buy Jennifer’s pattern Seachange. I didn’t check to see whether it’s a top down or bottom up.

  3. Hello! The Whinfell Sweater is very pretty! I usually like top down construction. Get the hard parts done first!

  4. I love top down sweaters because I’m able to fit them so well to my body, trying them on as I go. I would love the yarn for Treysta as I already have Laine #3 and the pattern, plus it’s in my favorites and #15 in my queue (out of 61…my queue is growing faster than I have years left to knit!) Dreyma is now on my list too..what a gorgeous pattern.

  5. I already have the yarn to knit Fern and Feather, I think that one is just beautiful! I’ve knit yoke sweaters in both directions and they both have their pluses. I do like that with bottom up sweaters you have the yokes to look forward to after knitting the sleeves and body. And you get to knit the sleeves separately which is a bit easier than having them attached to the sweater.

  6. I prefer top down sweaters. Nice to try the fit while working on it.
    My favorite of the sweater patterns is the fern and feather. It will be a classic forever.

  7. The Fern and Feather looks fabulous! Top down construction. Thank you for all your incredible patterns!

  8. I prefer top down construction just because I like to be able to try it on as I go. And I like the Telja pattern. I’m just getting into stranded knitting so I’m all about yokes right now!

  9. I personally like bottom up the most, but I’ve done a couple top down and don’t have anything against them. I really want to make Fern & Feather now. It’s just lovely without being riotous with color, so it will always be in style.

  10. I’d like to try top-down sweater knitting; the are clear advantages to this method. The Fern and Feather sweater would be my my choice to try – I love the elegant simplicity of the yoke pattern.

  11. Love the top down sweaters! Fern and Feather is especially nice, but all your patterns are lovely

  12. I have no strong preference for either method, because they both have their pros and cons. Knitting both keeps it interesting! Fern & Feathers is on my list …

  13. I like working top down because there are advantages to trying on the sweater yoke as you work along, you get to work the colors and interesting part of the sweater first, and adjustments are easier to achieve as you work along. You can gauge adjustments to the length of sleeves and sweater by how much yarn is remaining in balls. I would love to try the Arboreal pattern as it reminds me of falling leaves.,perhaps even adding some shading to the leaves for interest.

  14. For me a bottom up garment is easier to fit. Telja, which reminded me of the winter holidays, would be another of Jennifer’s garments I’d like to knit.

  15. Treysta It’s top of my queue right now! – and top down sweaters – I like getting to the yoke soonest, and, true story, I make really silly counting and placement errors when I connect the body and yoke in bottom up knitting (insert eyeroll)

  16. I love to knit top down because I hate seaming and get a better fit with top down. I would absolutely love to knit fern and feathers.

  17. I love Jennifer’s designs! Awesome giveaway, thank you for the opportunity! I would love to knit Tejla. I also like Silver Forest and Vintersol a lot! Tough choice…
    I usually prefer top down construction. As others have said: it’s possible to try it on as we go and to adjust lenght. Also, we start with the fun yoke part! 💖

  18. I like both top-down and bottom-up, depending on the project. Sometimes I start in the middle and work the yoke upwards and the body and sleeves downwards. I would love to make Treysta.

  19. Vintersol really caught my eye. I have not knitted a top down sweater for many years having found bottom up just a bit easier for me. So, I will say bottom up but I am always up for something new or something I haven’t done in a long time. I really enjoy the blog and free patterns and your YARN. Thank you!

  20. I have done both top down and bottom up and enjoy both! I would love to try the Fern and Feather pattern.

  21. I have always done bottom up sweaters. I would love to try top down!! Would love to try it on Dreyma!

  22. I definitely prefer top down, I have such a hard time getting the sleeve lengths just right for my arms, and it so much easier to rip it back until I’m happy with it. And all of Jennifer’s patterns are so pretty! But if I had to choose just one, I would pick Vintersol, it so classic and yet different.

  23. I would like to knit Fern & Feather, top down because I love how the pattern radiates through the yoke.

  24. I prefer bottom up, but won’t shy away from top down. I’d like to knit Teja, probably with a zipper.

  25. I love Vintersol (so gorgeous) and I prefer bottom-up patterns because it keeps me motivated to finish- I have a hard time keeping momentum after the colorwork is done on top-down patterns so bottom-up ensures I keep going past the slog of plain stockinette. Thanks!

  26. I’ve done a couple top down sweaters recently and quite like the construction in that direction. Telja is one of my favourite designs.

  27. I’m not picky and I’m equally happy to knit top down or bottom up. Dreyma is a beautiful sweater and i’d Also love to knit Fern & Feather.

  28. I just recently did a different Lopi sweater with top down and I really loved the concept because I am petite and it let me choose the length that was right for me!

    I prefer the Fern and Feather pattern….wondering if it could be made as a cardigan?

  29. I get bored easily, so I like to do both top down and bottom up–just like socks, too! I really want to make Telja, after seeing a lovely one from a German knitter on instagram most recently using a natural and lovely shades of green.

  30. I’ve only done bottom up sweaters but I want to try my hand at top down. I love the simplicity of the fern and feathers sweater

  31. I’ve never knit a top down sweater but I love trying new things. I can’t decide if I like Whinfell or Arboreal better. They are my favorites of Jennifer’s designs

  32. I like top down simply because of the UGH of attaching the sleeves to the body bottom up. Silver Forest is gorgeous.

  33. This giveaway is very exciting. I love the Fan and Feather pattern and the Arboreal pattern equally. Top down is my favorite because there is so little seaming and I can try on as I go and adjust to my size. But I have to say I really enjoyed making the Aftur Lopi bottom-up sweater that I just finished.

  34. I prefer top down, mostly for the trying on aspect. Plus many top downs are no seam! I would love to knit the Whinfell Sweater!

  35. Most of the sweaters I’ve knit have been top-down. Like so many others have said, trying it on as you go is so helpful. I’ve made just 1 bottom up Lopi sweater and it turned out great, so I would do it again.

    I love original Dreyma neutral color scheme. However, when I looked through Jennifer’s other patterns, I was drawn to Treysta and the huge variety of color combinations it has been knit in.

  36. I have finished a few bottom up sweaters and like the motivation of getting to the pretty colorwork yoke. I have Arboreal on the needles, but I have really wanted to knit Seachange since first seeing the sweater.

  37. I like knitting both bottom up and top down sweaters, but I prefer top down. I think I have almost all of Jennifer’s sweater designs either on the needles or completed – they’re all gorgeous!

  38. I love knitting top down, although I haven’t done it often. And I love “Arboreal.” A lovely design and a great range of sizes. Thank you.

  39. I prefer knitting top-down sweaters. I would like to knit Jennifer’s Vintersol pattern, as I love the design.

  40. The Fern and Feather is my queue for a future knit. I am more interested in the design and will knit bottom up or top down.

  41. Definitely love her Dreyma. I like the top down process because it’s the easier way to adjust sizing.

  42. I’ve only tried knitting a bottom up sweater . I’d like to try top down though. I’d like to knit Jennifer’s Vintersol.

  43. I like both methods of construction – there are certainly advantages to each one – top-down is wonderful for fitting, but sometimes more challenging to use “just the right” increase. Bottom-up gives a more stable yoke, I think, because of the decreases. Your designs are simply beautiful – I would love to knit them all, but especially Fern & Feather!

  44. I think the Telja sweater is just gorgeous. I have primarily knit sweaters top down, which seems easier. But, I did like the one sweater I Knit bottom up for two reasons: the sleeve was my gauge swatch and having the pretty yoke at the end was much more motivating than another sleeve.

  45. I have been knitting sweaters bottom up but would love to try top down construction. Vintersol caught my eye on Ravelry because it reminds me of the trees which surround my home.

  46. First, a big Thank You for an opportunity to win such a great prize. I’ve only knit bottom up sweaters, so am quite anxious to try top-down knit. After reading many comments about the ability to try on whilst knitting makes a lot of sense. And that one can knit the length desired with the ability to try it on to make a better decision, just makes sense.
    I would like to knit the Fern & Feather pattern. Simply elegant. I’ve qued that sweater after seeing it on the MDK site (basketball challenge).
    As I type this, I have purchased thru Tolt a sweaters worth of Lopi for a cardigan coat pattern. I love, love, love Lopi

  47. I especially like the Fern & Feather pullover. I like top down sweater as I find it easier to make adjustments. I love the Daydreamer for kids and would love to see a top-down version which would make it easier to lengthen sleeves and body.

  48. I think I like to dive in and do the yoke first, so probably top down for me! It’s so hard to pick just one design, but I really love Wintersol 🙂

  49. I definitely prefer top down! It makes getting the size right so much easier! I’d definitely like to knit the fern and feather pattern. It’s sooo cute!

  50. What a generous giveaway! I prefer top-down pieces but enjoy bottom-up, too. Whinfell is my next favorite pattern from this terrific designer!

  51. I prefer top-down sweaters because I find them easier to shape and more motivating to finish. Fern and Feather is just lovely ~ it gets my vote! 🙂

  52. What a lovely sweater and giveaway!

    I have only ever knit bottom up sweaters, so I guess I would have to say that. But I can see great advantage to bottom down…

    I love the Treysta sweater and that would be my alternative choice to knit.

  53. I have done bottom up and would like to try top down! I would love to try Jeniffers Engi sweater. Thank you for the opportunity to make this possible!

  54. This would be my first sweater to knit. After reading your article, I would like to try top down. This way I could make sure it is fitting as I’m knitting. I think the Fern and Feather pattern is beautiful and would love to give it a try.
    😊 Thank you

  55. I am not sure if I prefer top down or bottom up. Top down has the advantage of try on as you go and no seaming, but I have always read it lacks stability due to lack of seams. Bottom up is easy to block, and I truly don’t mind sewing seams. I have created a sweater both ways and have no preference, I guess. My favorite sweater is Treysta. They are all lovely.

  56. My favorites are Dreyma and Whinfell. I like top down so that I can try it on along the way.

  57. Knit my first top down sweater last summer, so brilliant that you can try on as you go. Would love to knit more this way and Fern and Feather is what I’d like to try next!

  58. While I like Fern &Feather, I adore Whinfell and the winter white yarn Jennifer selected. Beautiful! 💕
    I would like bottom-up knitting to get the feel of the yarn and to ease into the challenging section.

  59. I just spent an age browsing through the lovely yoked sweater patterns, and I think that Treysta is my favorite right now, but really I just want to make them all!

    I haven’t knit enough sweaters to have a strong preference for top-down or bottom-up. I do like the convenience of fewer pieces in sweaters knit in the round, but I find the fit to be a bit better on pieced garments. I suppose it depends on what type of outcome I’m looking for.

  60. I’ve knit sweaters both ways and definitely prefer top down — I find it so much easier to get the fit right

  61. I like the top down sweater making because of the ease in fitting the sweater as you knit the body and arms. My favorite pattern of Jennifer’s is Fern & Feather.

  62. I prefer top down sweaters as they’re easier to try on as you go to check that it’s going to fit. I’d like to make Engi as I’ve never done any colorwork and it looks simpler than the other yokes.

  63. I prefer top-down knitting so I can try on as I go …… love Arboreal, could easily knit that up in a dark grey and cream.

  64. I love to knit top down sweaters, to be able to try it on myself or the recipient as I knit .
    The Arboreal would be beautiful to knit.

  65. I have actually never tried a top down sweater but it has been on my to do list for awhile. In fact I have the pattern “Treysta” on my wish list, but now I really like Dreyma as well. This is perfect timing!

  66. I have made one bottom up sweater, but hearing about the advantages for fit with top down, I think I would like to try that now! I would love to make the Telja sweater….

  67. I do not have a favorite method – top down is great if you want to be sure the length is right, bottom up works when I’m very sure how the length will work on me. Getting sleeves to fit my upper arms and not be too long on my short arms is my primary concern no matter how the sweater is constructed! Love Dreyma and hope to add it to my queue.

  68. Top down is so
    Nice to do! And you can try it on as you go- bonus!! Fern and feather is my choice/ I’ve knit Arboreal and it is a beautiful
    Sweater . Thanks to both of you!

  69. I would love to knit Fern and Feather top down as I love the simplicity. I recently finished a bottom up Lettlopi icelantic sweater with yarn bought on a recent visit to Iceland

  70. Definitely Top down ! The length is always right ,now ! My 2 favourite jennifer steingass patterns are Vintersol and Seachange

  71. I love top down. Being able to try the sweater on as you go makes all those subtle fittings much simpler. I’d love to knit Telja:) and Dreyma!!

  72. I’ve been planning to knit Arboreal for the past several months, but other WIPs keep getting in the way, and I have a problem committing to colors for a whole sweater!

  73. All Jennifer’s patterns are lovely. I especially like Engi. I’ve knit one top down sweater and am still working on my bottom up for the KAL. I like knitting the sleeves separately, but will have a better sense once I’m finally finished.

  74. I love the Fern and Feather pattern! And I definitely prefer top down, as I’m panicky about fit.

  75. I’ve only been making fair isle projects this past year……I am going to try a cardigan…the joyride cardigan that I found on the net…it has a simple yoke with a few colors that I think I’m ready to try making it…your sweaters are really cool……!!

  76. Having only working bottom up in the past, top down is intriguing. Jennifer’s designs are calling my name. I love all her patterns but Fern and Feather is the first one I’ll probably knit.

  77. fern and feather is one of my favourites and I have only tried bottom up sweaters so I don’t know which I prefer. I can’t wait to try dremya.

  78. I would like to try the whingfell sweater. It’s beautiful. I have never knitted a seater before so this would be my first. Looking forward to knowing if I like top down or bottoms up.

  79. Gorgeous patterns.
    Fern & Feathers would be my choice.
    I’ve knitted top down only for toddlers.
    Where can I buy the pattern if I don’t happen to win? Looove your patterns.

  80. What a lovely giveaway!~ I am knitting arboreal right now – I love the top down process. I also would love to try Silver Forest! Icelandic wool is so nice for this time of year when you’re sick of your winter jacket but still need a super warm layer.

  81. My favorite is Starfall — quite possibly because of its name. I have no strong preference for topdown vs bottom up. Topdown is good for getting the length of body and sleeves right; bottom up is good because you race through the plain, less exciting parts to get to the glory that is the yoke!

  82. I like both top down and bottom up, but top down usually has the advantage of fewer finishing steps like sewing seams. The fern and feather pattern is very nice and the yoke gives the sweater a more vertical line than some of the others.
    Thank you.

  83. My favorite construction type is top down. When I’ve done bottom up I’ve run into a little trouble with the yoke being too big. I love the Telja sweater pattern! Dreyma is a knockout…I would love to win!

  84. Ive done both and I don’t have a strong preference one way or the other, although a stranded yoke is completely new to me. I love all her patterns but I really love the natural vibe of Fern and Feather!

  85. I have only knit the traditional Icelandic construction style of bottom up before but after seeing Jennifer’s beautiful Arboreal pattern with that wonderful neckline and shaping techniques, like short rows around the neckline and decreases for the waistline , I’m impressed ! Dreysma is a beauty in all its traditional glory !

  86. I’m really interested in trying a top down sweater. I’d love to knit Fern & Feather first, although I think all three are lovely.

  87. I have tried both methods, but I haven’t developed a preference…yet. Who know what will happen as I gain experience. I would love to knit Arboreal! I can see me making more than one sweater in that pattern. I have it in my ravelry library 🙂

  88. I prefer top-down sweaters since I am larger below the waist. That makes it easier to adjust for my shape. All of the designs are delectable but for me I think fern and feather looks the best for me. I have arthritis in my hands and worsted is easier for me to handle. Loved the video on increases and plan to try it soon.

  89. I loved the short row shaping on Seachange. I’m a bottom up knitter but keen to give top down a try for a change.

  90. I enjoy the top down sweaters best. I think the Fern and Feather is a lovely sweater. I’d also love to knit. Haven’t done any sweaters in a while. I think I need to start one.

  91. I have only made two top down sweaters but I love them. And I love the adventures in Rainbow pattern

  92. I prefer top down because I can fit it as I move along with the knitting. I would like my next knit to be Fern and Feather. I am currently knitting Arboreal and love it!

  93. I prefer top-down as the sweater seems to be come together so much easier and there is more control over the length. Jennifer Steinglass has so many beautiful designs and would love to knit many of them. My current favourite is Fan & Feather, and second favourite is Arboreal.

  94. Top down makes more sense to me because I like to try as I go. Fewer heartaches later 🙂 I’ve never knit one of Jennifer’s patterns yet, but I plan to, they are so beautiful.

  95. love your Fern and Feathers!!!!!!! I have never knitted a top down sweater, so if I win that is the way I will go. A little challenge

  96. I love top-down construction! I bought plotulopi (sp?) yarn at Tolt last fall to make a sweater and have been debating the details while I finish another sweater. I would love to make two Lopi sweaters!

  97. i would like to try top down knitting with the arboreal pattern. i have trouble fitting sleeve length and sometimes body length and keeping track of a pattern design at the same time.

  98. I like to be able to make the lower part of a sweater a bit longer (and usually wider) to fit my body, and top-down makes it easier to do that. I really like the leaf patterned yoke on Arboreal — wouldn’t it be great worked in tones of greens?

  99. I really like the convenience of being able to try on as I go, so prefer top down. Love all of these designs, but Fern and Feather speaks to me the most!

  100. I love all of Jennifer’s patterns, but the Sigrun sweater calls to me. I’d love to knit this! I’ve only made a top down sweater, but have several bottom up sweaters on my “to do” list. This yearn looks amazing in the pictures and I’d love to win this package.

  101. Jennifer’s Telja has long been in my queue. The yoke reminds me of vintage Christmas ornaments.

    I’m a new enough knitter that I don’t have a strong preference, but I’m leaning towards liking top down better. It just seems to go more quickly and feels a little more interesting.

  102. My favorite design of Jennifer’s is Vintersol, but really love all of the designs that I think of as botanicals! I like top down knitted sweaters for the fit and the construction of the armholes, but the bottom up construction allows for easier portability, so I have both going! Thank you for the beautiful designs!

  103. Oddly, I have never worked a top-down sweater but I wish too! So I cannot honestly say whether I prefer bottom-up or top-down construction. Looking around – I would like to knit a Treysta sweater. The new Dreyma is beautiful too! That is another one that I would love to make! All of the Steingass designs are outstanding!

  104. I prefer a top-down construction, especially in yoked sweaters, because you get done with the hard part early on while you’re still enthusiastic about the project, and it’s fairly mindless thereafter. I’m planning color schemes for Telja next!

  105. I’d prefer top down so I can try it on while knitting, but I need to learn bottom up too. I’ve been trying to knit a bottom up yoke sweater for over 3 years via Craftsy. I’ve knit it in full 3 times, but I’ve had to rip out the yoke every time because the neck has ended up at my nose instead of at my neck. I just bought several of Jennifer’s patterns and I want to start with Arboreal. I haven’t yet bought Dreyma but it’s in my favorites. It’s gorgeous.

  106. I’d prefer top down so I can try it on while knitting, but I need to learn bottom up too. I’ve been trying to knit a bottom up yoke sweater for over 3 years via Craftsy. I’ve knit it in full 3 times, but I’ve had to rip out the yoke every time because the neck has ended up at my nose instead of at my neck. I just bought several of Jennifer’s patterns and I want to start with Arboreal. I haven’t yet bought Dreyma but it’s in my favorites. It’s gorgeous.

  107. Hands down-Top Down is my favorite, love to try on as I go, also find color work easier when the project is still a manageable size. I would love to take on Treysta-it is so beautiful.

  108. I love every pattern, it’s hard to chose just one. Fern and Feather is my first choice. As for top-down or bottom-up, I’m inclined to prefer top-down because of the ability to adjust length of sleeves and body of the sweater as needed. I also like binding off at the bottom as opposed to the neckline.

  109. Hi everyone! I’ve made both bottom-up and top-down Icelandic style sweaters. In fact, I’m working a bottom-up right now and I just finished a top-down Icelandic poncho. I may be the only person in the northeast US who is grateful for the snow and cold weather, so I can wear my newly finished knits!! I don’t really have a preference…pros and cons for both. Sometimes, bottom-up is fun because you have the color work to look forward to as you knit. I love all these designs, but I like the Fern and Feather very much. Thanks for all the awesome designs and inspiration!

  110. To be completely honest I have only knit one and it was a bottom up so my next one will definitely be top down. All of Jennifer’s patterns are gorgeous but Vintersol is definitely catching my eye!!

  111. I LOVE top down! Bottom up is good, but top down is better! I have been eyeing the stash for Fern & Feather for a while now. Just have to finish a few other projects. 🙂

  112. I have always loved top-down knitting, ever since I learned to knit a classic aran sweater (admittedly a whole different animal). I’ve loved learning about bottom-up construction and will definitely try it. I am a huge fan of Jennifer Steingass’ work and have already collected several patterns. I fell out of the Lopi KAL due to work obligations, but have every intention of finishing the Fern and Feather currently on my needles. Every time I see that sweater I fall in love with it again.

  113. I enjoy top down because I can slip it on to a lifeline and try it on as I go, just in case mods are needed. I tend to like my sweaters a little longer than the pattern calls for, so top down is also very handy when you think you might be playing yarn chicken! I love the Dreyma pattern–so elegant! But I think Vintersol is my favorite of Jennifer’s designs <3

  114. I really like the Arboreal pattern. It’s clean and simple and elegant but not boring.

    I like knitting top down because I’m tall. I usually have to add length to patterns, and it’s easier to get the amount right if I can try the sweater on as I go.

  115. I have been a top down knitter since 2010, when I abandoned knitting in pieces for a seamless construction. I love the Treysta pattern. It reminds me of sweaters I used to wear. I’d knit her in a heartbeat!

  116. I love top down. I have always been a bit timid of the bottom down construction, however I am giving a try!

  117. Ha ha-I am not experienced enough to know which I prefer! Although I have done bottom up before. I would like to try Treysta & do a top down. All the patterns are gorgeous but after Dreyma-that’s my pick!

  118. It’s top down construction for me – and I would love to Knit my grandson a Daydreamer sweater!

  119. I love top down sweaters, prefer them over bottom up for sure! Would like to knit the Vintersol pattern, beautiful!

  120. I prefer top down because it’s easier to change the length which is usually my issue. It’s a hard decision trying to choose just one but I think I would like the About earlier.

  121. I prefer top down, less finishing. Silver Forest is just gorgeous and love it in the gray color. It is hard to choose a favorite but this has to be it.

  122. I love Dreyma and it was my first top down. My daughter wants a matching sweater now! However, I cannot wait to knit Vintersol. I’m excited to try the ‘hybrid’ construction for that one, and I love how the pattern drapes the shoulders the way it does. And Aboreal. It’s too hard to decide. Treysta gives a lot of possibilities for mixing colors! Still, I think Dreyma is my favorite. And Vintersol. 🙂

  123. Arboreal is perfect! It checks the top down box and it’s giving some major earthy vibes.

  124. I tend to like top-down because I love to subject my husband to WIP fashion shows!! Trying on as I go is not only helpful but fun (and motivating). I have Jennifer’s Telja pattern in my queue now… just need to make up my mind about a color palette. Can’t wait to get started!

  125. I already have 3 of Jennifer’s patterns (Telja, Starfall and Fern & Feather), but currently, other than Dreyma, my new favorite is Treystra. I haven’t tried top down yet, but I want to, as I want to be able to fit as I knit. Thank you for this opportunity.

  126. Have recently learned circular and top down knitting and just love it. This means I am limied by the amount of patterns available. But NY tension is vastly improved, I no longer experience pain in my shoulders and hands and of course virtually no sewing up seams. I have made 2 for my elderlyother who’s thin sensitive skin which was aggravated by seams is loves being able to wear woolens again. I hope that many designers will create more wonderful top down patterns thank you.

  127. I love top down construction because it allows me to try it on as I go and make sure that the armholes are deep enough. There are so many beautiful designs to choose from so I would probably go with The latest one, Dreyma

  128. I prefer top down because I have a hard time getting the sleeves on the needles with bottom up. Just too tight. And I have been eyeing Fern and Feather.

  129. Fern and feather is.beautiful. I’ve done 1 sweater bottom up so willing to try top down next

  130. I’ve done top down yoked sweaters and like the construction a lot. Have yet to do a bottom up yoke. Can’t decide between Vintersol and Treysta — both are stunning!

  131. I rather make top down sweaters (it makes measuring and fitting significantly easier to do) and would love to try the fern and feather pattern. Thank you for this opportunity!

  132. Definitely bottom-up (at least for colorful yokes) because you get to save the fun part for last! Top-down is awesome for trying on and adjusting length but it get soooo boring to just knit on the stockinette body. All beautiful designs, I love Treysta for the lovely rust color!

  133. I’d love to try the Treysta! I could go either way but top down is more fun, because you get to do the fun part first! Then the rest is an easy reward for working so hard on the yoke!

  134. My love for anything botanical draws me to the Arboreal sweater- maybe dark brown MC and light green CC?
    If I have the choice, I’d probably go with a bottom-up construction for a sweater like this one – but either way is cool. I often prefer top-down for the summerwear, though.

  135. I am in love with Jennifer’s designs! Bottom up, top down each has it’s merits. Bottom up is easier to pack along and just work on sleeves or body, but top down is easier for a better fit. Would love to be the winner!

  136. I just finished knitting Engi which is a top down sweater and I enjoyed making it. It was nice to knit the stranded color work first. The next sweater that I will be knitting is Starfall.

  137. I love treysta. Wonderful. I love knitting top down and doing any type of “ Fair Isle” knitting is just what is great. Any colors that would work, maybe in gray variations with a blue.

  138. I prefer top down sweater patterns I like to get the hard part done first lol
    I love the Treysta pattern although I haven’t seen a pattern I don’t like of yours!!

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