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Julia Farwell-Clay: Designer to watch

The designer Julia Farwell-Clay has a great gift for clever knitting. Her work reflects her brilliant mind, with clever twists on traditional motifs and technique. All that said, what always gets me about her work is how she uses patterns. Julia’s Metronome, designed for Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light, is a perfect example of what I mean.


Metronome is a crescent shawl and requires 2 skeins each of 4201 “Winter White”, 4207 “Salt & Pepper” and 1 skein of 4209 “Moonshadow”.

The fun of this shawl is the way you manage the color in blocks, working the two yarns from each edge inward so that they meet it the center. This particular approach allows the stripes to slide back and forth without new ends being introduced, so you only have the beginning and end of the skein to weave in. Once you have the setup stripes in place, it makes entertaining and portable knitting.

This shawl begins at the center of the top (the long edge) and increases out in super easy garter stitch, so it’s reversible, a design detail I always appreciate in accessories. Julia has a library of beautiful, thoughtful designs—visit her Ravelry page to see the complete catalog of her design work.

Mork in Ultra Alpaca


Fox Love Jacket in Vintage Chunky

Not only does Julia design well, but she’s been blogging about knitting under the mantle Moth Heaven since 2004 (!!!), and its a good read. She writes beautifully about all things  knitting as well as art, inspiration, and creativity. Visit Julia’s blog to learn more about her incredible designs!


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