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Photo shoot Behind the Scenes

Last week on March 8th, Amy Palmer and I hit the road to photograph the first book of the Fall 2017 collection in western Connecticut. We brought back the same team that worked on Portfolio Vol 3—Gale Zucker was our photographer, our stylist wasEmily Nora O’Neil, and the model’s hair and makeup was expertly done by Deanna Nickel. This one day shoot for Portfolio Vol 4 was the first of many long days photographing the upcoming Fall collection. What better way to spend Women’s Day then with a team of incredibly talented women.

The Portfolio series is hands down my favorite part of my job here at Berroco. Berroco has an in-house design team, which means that nearly every pattern we publish is designed in the Berroco offices by one or another members of the Design team (and sometimes by all of us together), but the Portfolio series is different.



For the Berroco Portfolio design series, we chose a legacy yarn and reach out to a selection of designers and ask them to contribute a design to the collection. For each volume, I try to bring together a group of designers who have distinctly different points of view but who I think will bring out the best in each other and the collection.





For Volume 4 we worked with Berroco Ultra® Wool, the new 100% superwash wool that was introduced in the Spring 2017 collection. This is a really special yarn—it has a soft, springy hand with good stitch definition, but we have put it through round after round of rigorous testing to make sure that it really stands up to the name “easy care.”


The Volume 4 will launch in late June with the new yarns for Fall 2017. In the meantime, take another look at the Volume 3 collection which featured Modern Cotton and Modern Cotton DK,  photographed last summer in Vermont.

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