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Vested Interest

Pretty much the best vest pun I could come up with…sorry, my mind is totally flooded these days! We’re deep into the design process and it doesn’t leave much time for wordplay. My desk is the messiest it has ever been but I’m feeling better about my sketching skills (practice makes perfect…) and the yarns for fall are totally speaking to me! 


Friday Desk


Besides the swatching and sketching fun, I’m pretty excited about Vest-uary! It’s a February knit-along started by Prairie Poppins from Canada. She picked a Berroco pattern, and a great one at that! Ticuna is free from the pattern archive and calls for my favorite favorite, Ultra Alpaca. So many colors to choose from!!

Jenny and Nicole from the Stash and Burn podcast mentioned cap-sleeved Kaino in their vest-themed episode (Ampersandgirl rocks Kaino here on Ravelry). I am SO glad they’re back from their break–where else would I get friendly reminders like this gem: chose a neutral-ish, versatile color when knitting vests so it can be layered over many things in your wardrobe! I recommend deep heather-y shades found in ranges like Pure Merino Heathers, Peruvia and of course Ultra Alpaca. I love that vests can be so professorial and yet so sexy. Extreme v-neck knit in a tweedy yarn, anyone? 

Browse through our website for many vest options (both free and for sale). Here is a curated list of my favorites:  

Ellis from NG v. 2:  



Badia, a freebie knit in Bonsai:



And of course Urbano, an uber-modern felted vest (see Carson’s beautiful black Urbano on Ravelry): 



A vest can be so many things–a simple warming layer or a chance to show off your skills or a beautiful yarn. Hope you’re all as inspired as I am for a weekend full of knitting! 


10 thoughts on “Vested Interest

  1. Yummy——- I do want a vest or two!!!! Now Ms. C—- it looks like the coffee cup on your desk is empty, what’s up with that????????

  2. oh my goodness thank you for the compliment! 🙂
    I can’t wait ’til it’s cool enough here in Australia to wear it

    … and I’m really glad to see I’m not the only one that can barely see the actual surface of their desk

  3. Wow, look at that Urbano!!! Why have I never seen this before? Thanks for the link. Carson’s is gorgeous. And what is that pic of colors under the crayloas??? Huh? THAT is what my eye is drawn to….besides the empty coffee cup previously mentioned. :0)

  4. I Love the disarray of your desk, it shows a truly a creative person. who is totally into what she is doing. You are talented beyond beleife! I am so proud to have you as a friend and in our shopp. I can’t wait to see your vest!

  5. Totally unrelated to the cute vest and vest-uary, but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the audio/slideshows of the booklets. I first thought this season I would be content with one of the new notebooks or Norah Gaughn pattern books, now… I am feeling the need for all of the new ones. 🙂

    -Also love the Japanese/simple backgrounds.

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