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Berroco Behind the Scenes

Working in the world of knitwear design means that your calendar is more than a little screwy. Deadlines and lead times require you to be mentally “out of season” pretty much all the time. I’ve modeled heavy alpaca sweaters in July, knit angora in August and sketched summery tanks in September. Perhaps the craziest part is photographing catalogs and pattern booklets for spring in the middle of New England autumn which is COLD! You’ve got to think warm thoughts! 

This was pretty easy for the first photoshoot of our spring collection. For Booklet #282 Latitude, we set up shop at a seaside hotel in Galilee, Rhode Island. Brisk October air was indeed whipping around us, but a steady diet of fried clam cakes and great nautical scenery made it feel like we were enjoying a particularly late summer vacation. Have a look: 

Be sure to subscribe to KnitBits for plenty more inside info about the Spring/Summer 2009 collection. We’ll be posting pictures, pattern information, audio slideshows and as always, free patterns galore. I have a few more behind the scenes videos to share here as well so stay tuned! 


13 thoughts on “Berroco Behind the Scenes

  1. Thanks for posting the YouTube “behind the scenes”. It was such fun to get a glimpse into the photoshoot. I see now where I’ve been going wrong in my own photography… I haven’t been eating donuts! 🙂

    But seriously, I would love to tag along and see how you get the beautiful photos for your booklets. The video’s great, and I like the music you used.

  2. I find ‘behind the scenes’ stuff interesting but not so much when it’s just the back of someone’s head (like the last 30 seconds). Hopefully no one takes offense – just trying to be constructive.

  3. LD, this must be an ‘eye of the beholder’ thing because I see a team immersed in an intense huddle! I also loved the moment where the model absent-mindedly pushes the make-up artist’s hair out of her way–everyone is so engrossed!

  4. Very cool! My daughter and I loved it. Thanks for sharing it with us. It’s always neat to see the chaos that is behind those calm shots. You’d never imagine how much stuff is needed for a shoot like that – it’s nice to see that something so beautiful can come out of complete disarray! 🙂

  5. “Flower Child” is GORGEOUS! I have put it on the list. This time of year I am inspired somehow to finish old projects. I am working on the Fibonacci scarf again, have finished Nat’s sweater, and have finished up a few smaller projects in the last week. So now this new one is in my head and I have plenty of time to figure color, etc.

  6. Interested as I am in seeing knitting, all I could focus on at the end of the video were those insanely great triangular silver earrings!

  7. You got my attention with the photo of Arzote when I saw that the model was holding a Diana camera.
    I am a knit-a-holic who owns 13 cameras and one of them is also a Diana F+.
    I do certainly love the new designs in the Latitudes booklet!

  8. Thanks, Berroco, for bringing back the audio slide shows. I’ve missed them. The format makes your collections come alive (and I am a sucker for designer notes). I was impressed with the smart theme (rock star girlfriend), accessory choices and the choice of model and setting.

  9. Sweeeet! It was so cool getting a behind the scenes glimpse of your photo shoot. The model was gorgeous, and as usual, perfectly accessorized. The music was nice too. I only wish the “camera” was panning more slowly, so I could feast my eyes on all the goodness! More please!

  10. Cirilia,
    Thanks for the comment on my Reel Knitting blog! It’s good to see you blogging again since the holidays.

    You are a lucky, lucky woman. That photoshoot looks so glamorous. That’s the great thing about the knitting industry–you get to work in fashion, but without all the attitude of the high fashion industry.

    I can’t wait to get my grubby little hands on the new spring patterns. I love the way that the “Excess” patterns are so influenced by sewing techniques. I predict that that’s where knitting is going in the future.

    Is Berroco on twitter.com? I’d love to get up-to-the-minute Berroco updates. As you can see, I’m a huge fan. In fact, I’m ready and willing to shill for Berroco whenever you say the word! 🙂 Okay, enough gushing!

  11. Norah,
    you are probably in Italy right now.
    Tomorrow is our birthday and I wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday.
    I know I’m a day early, but I will be teaching at a retreat in the Catskills, with no internet access, and I didn’t want to miss the opprotunity to tell you I hope you have an all around fantastic day.
    Karin MT

  12. can anyone help me on finding the title of the song playing in the «behind the scene» photo shoot? Thank you!

    You can click on the “credits” on the slide show to get the answer

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