Purga Sweater: Alternate Colorways

One of my most favorite designs from the Berroco Fall collection was the Purga Pullover from the Pixel PDF collection. The combination of Berroco Pixel and Ultra Wool DK is *just perfect*. The original sample uses Pixel in shade  #2203 Coconut (MC)  and Ultra® Wool DK in shade #83113 Black Pepper (CC). When I find time… Continue reading Purga Sweater: Alternate Colorways

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Amy’s Thread: All Seasons Knitting

The Berroco Spring launched in January featuring 3 new yarns for 2016 and a collection of new patterns to go with them. Here in the northeast United States, temperatures have settled in to seasonal norms (high today of 28F) and I'm more anxious to start new projects that will keep me cozy while I knit… Continue reading Amy’s Thread: All Seasons Knitting

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Amy’s Thread: Knitters Resolutions

Do you make New Years Resolutions? Do you keep them? I'm not really one to make a lot of resolutions for January 1,  but I'd really like to commit 2016 to knitting more of the things I want to wear instead of always only knitting the things I want to design. I have a short… Continue reading Amy’s Thread: Knitters Resolutions

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Emily Explains: Cabling Without A Cable Needle

With the holidays fast approaching, time is of the essence. One trick for saving time while working anything with cables is to work the project without a cable needle. This works on narrow cables wonderfully. You'll rarely use a cable needle again! For right leaning cables (where you would normally slip the first sts onto a cable needle and… Continue reading Emily Explains: Cabling Without A Cable Needle

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Amy’s Thread: What to Wear with Louise

Louise is one of my favorite pieces in the spring 2015 collection because it is such a versatile, wearable cardi. In booklet#355 Berroco Fiora, we created a beachy, romantic outfit. To recreate this timeless look, slip on a vintage style linen dress, some simple sandals and maybe personalize with a bauble or two. Louise features one… Continue reading Amy’s Thread: What to Wear with Louise

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Amy’s Thread: Swatches for Cecelia

Our next knit-along starts soon - we're going to be knitting Cecelia from booklet #357 Comfort for Baby. Emily designed this beautiful baby blanket with Berroco Comfort Chunky, so it's a quick knit. But if baby knits aren't up your ally, this project makes a beautiful lap blanket or shawl, too! We couldn't resist making a… Continue reading Amy’s Thread: Swatches for Cecelia

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Amy’s Thread: Marmot Day

Today, February 2nd, is Groundhog day, the day when according to some a Groundhog (AKA Woodchuck... AKA Marmots) will wake up from hibernation, look out of his hole and predict the length of winter. According to the contributors to Wikipedia, rodents are accurate predictors of the weather 39% of the time. Which is not an impressive… Continue reading Amy’s Thread: Marmot Day

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Amy’s Thread: Knitting a Seamed Sweater in the Round

  Our Aidez knit-along kicks off on January 1st and to help everyone get ready, I'm sharing my project notes as I plan my Aidez with modifications. Aidez is a really easy sweater to make in-the-round. In some patterns you have to add or subtract stitches for selvages, but in this case converting a seamed sweater… Continue reading Amy’s Thread: Knitting a Seamed Sweater in the Round