Purga Sweater: Alternate Colorways

One of my most favorite designs from the Berroco Fall collection was the Purga Pullover from the Pixel PDF collection. The combination of Berroco Pixel and Ultra Wool DK is *just perfect*.

The original sample uses Pixel in shade  #2203 Coconut (MC)  and Ultra® Wool DK in shade #83113 Black Pepper (CC).

When I find time to make one for me it will be exactly as pictured here but just for fun I’ve brainstormed a few alternate color ways as well.

Here are some fun alternatives:

Instead of a neutral with a neutral- try a neutral with a POP! Replace the CC with a bright shade like Ultra Wool DK Magnolia.

Or reverse that- add more color in the MC and keep the CC Neutral, for example

Maybe neutral isn’t your thing? Go for color! This lush green combination makes me think of peak summer:

Orange and Navy are a perennial favorite.

Or go for low contrast for a beautiful tonal pairing.

What combinations would you come up with? We want to hear- let us know in the comments below!

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One thought on “Purga Sweater: Alternate Colorways

  1. Oh, dear … that orange and navy combo looks perfect, and so does the tonal pairing! But I already bought the original yarn combo …

    I’ve seen a few Purgas where the MC and CC were exchanged, with Pixel contributing a great multi-color effect for the yoke pattern. It looked quite interesting … the lush green combo might work well for that.

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