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Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine: Great for Shawl Knitting and More!

A few weeks ago, I looked at Berroco Ultra Alpaca; this week we’re taking a look at it’s baby sibling, Berroco Ultra® Alpaca Fine. This fingering weight yarn is used in the Teeter Totter shawl (did you see the post with alternate colorways?) from Berroco Portfolio Volume 2, as well as in two patterns from Berroco Portfolio Volume 1 (and many more)!

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Simple Intarsia Knitting with the Teeter Totter Shawl

The Teeter Totter Shawl from Berroco Portfolio Vol 2 is a great crescent-shaped shawl worked in five colors of Berroco Ultra® Alpaca Fine. The shawl does use just a little bit of intarsia to join colors at points along the mid-section of the shawl, but it’s really easy intarsia knitting—you’re only working with two colors in a row. The problem, as with many colorwork knitting projects, is choosing which colors you’re using.  Read more

Emily Explains: Modifying Mums

To join the summer home knit along I am knitting one of my designs from the collection, Mums! I am so excited because the home book was my favorite of the whole collection. Read more

Designer Spotlight: Alphabet Headband by Kelly McClure

For Kelly McClure, knitting is more than a means to an end. It’s a social tie to people she otherwise would not have met – people from her local yarn shop and halfway around the world. In addition to her Bohoknits label, Kelly designs for Ambler Hats, a company that employs and empowers women in developing countries through handknitting. Read more

Designer Spotlight: Simple Eyelet Cowl by Gretchen Tracy

Gretchen Tracy’s stash is filled with one or two skeins of various yarns that she is always trying to knit up in creative ways. Usually, she waits for the yarn to tell her what it wants to be…no matter how long it takes. Read more

Designer Spotlight: Boho Banded Jacket by Kathy Perry

Kathy Perry has been knitting most of her life, but she’s still picking up new techniques through her design work. Her recently published pattern, Boho Banded Jacket, came about when an editor asked Kathy to create something using reverse Fair Isle. At the time she didn’t know what that meant, but she’s a quick learner!

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Designer Spotlight: Ella by Irina Eberhardt  

Irina Eberhardt’s grandmother used to say, “if your mittens and socks are made out natural fiber, arthritis will not bother you.” Those words stuck in Irina’s mind and still influence her yarn selections when designing. Read more


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