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Simple Intarsia Knitting with the Teeter Totter Shawl

The Teeter Totter Shawl from Berroco Portfolio Vol 2 is a great crescent-shaped shawl worked in five colors of Berroco Ultra® Alpaca Fine. The shawl does use just a little bit of intarsia to join colors at points along the mid-section of the shawl, but it’s really easy intarsia knitting—you’re only working with two colors in a row. The problem, as with many colorwork knitting projects, is choosing which colors you’re using. 

I asked Julia Farwell-Clay, who designed the Teeter Totter Shawl, for her advice for choosing some different color schemes for Teeter Totter. Her suggestions range from go-with-everything neutrals to more bright and cheerful colors.

Here we have a fully neutral palette of Moonshadow, Winter White, Salt and Pepper, Steel Cut Oats, and Pitch Black.

This palette is nice and warm; it reminds me a bit of a campfire. The colors are Steel Cut Oats, Tiger’s Eye Mix, Potting Soil Mix, Garnet Mix, and Pink Berry Mix.

Julia called this her Art Deco palette, consisting of Moonshadow, Winter White, Salt and Pepper, Pitch Black, and Grapefruit Mix.

Then there’s here Glamour Girl color scheme of Pink Berry Mix, Steel Cut Oats, Berry Pie Mix, Tiger’s Eye Mix, and Garnet Mix.

Tropical Sunset combines Grapefruit Mix, Turquoise Mix, Pink Berry Mix, Tea Rose, and Caribbean Mix.

Finally from Julia, Humming the Blues has Sweet Nectar Mix, Tea Rose, Cobalt Mix, Caribbean Mix, and Winter White.

Here in the design office, we like to imagine our own color choices for projects such as Teeter Totter. Alison stuck with a tonal variation, featuring Barley, Tea Rose, Berry Pie Mix, Cameo, and Steel Cut Oats.

Amy Christoffers offered up two choices. The first features Moonshadow, Salt and Pepper, Garnet, Grapefruit Mix, and Grove Mix…

…while the second takes on a rose garden theme: Winter White, Steel Cut Oats, Tea Rose, Pink Berry Mix, and Seedling Mix.

My own color scheme took on a theme that I’m calling Copper Patina: Tiger’s Eye Mix, Turquoise Mix, Pea Soup Mix, Potting Soil Mix, and Barley.


Which colors of Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine would you chose? Let us know in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “Simple Intarsia Knitting with the Teeter Totter Shawl

  1. I’m very fond of monochrome color mixes, so I think I’d go with:

    1st choice 2nd choice 3rd choice
    Green Hues or Pink Hues or Brown Hues
    ————- —————- —————-
    Seedling Mix Tea Rose Winter White
    Emerald Mix Sweet Nectar Mix Moonshadow
    Turquoise Mix Cameo Steel Cut Oats
    Caribbean Mix Pink Berry Mix Tiger’s Eye Mix
    Oceanic Mix Berry Pie Mix Potting Soil Mix

  2. While the original design caught my attention, I think the “Art Deco” color run is my new favorite!

  3. The original is eye-catching but I’d choose Humming the Blues to match my skin tone.

  4. I really like Alison’s colors – Barley, Tea Rose, Berry Pie Mix, Cameo and Steel Cut Oats!

  5. I like Alison’s selections – Barley, Tea Rose, Berry Pie Mix, Cameo and Steel Cut Oats!

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