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Designer Spotlight: Alphabet Headband by Kelly McClure

For Kelly McClure, knitting is more than a means to an end. It’s a social tie to people she otherwise would not have met – people from her local yarn shop and halfway around the world. In addition to her Bohoknits label, Kelly designs for Ambler Hats, a company that employs and empowers women in developing countries through handknitting.

Kelly’s Alphabet Headband is a choose-your-own-adventure kind of project knit in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine. Worked seamlessly in the round, the headband has two layers for extra warmth, which are joined using a provisional cast on and Kitchener stitch. The free pattern includes individual letter charts so you can customize your own word or message. Kelly says her headband is warm enough for dog walking during winter in Canada, but it’s also good for a cool morning or evening in the warmer months.

Alphabet Headband by Kelly McClure
Alphabet Headband by Kelly McClure

How did you come up with this design?

This design was actually inspired by a band I really liked called Shred Kelly. They were selling these really cool, retro-style headbands with their band name and I thought I just had to have one since they had my name on them. But naturally, I realized that designing and knitting my own was a much better idea.

Is there a story behind the message on your headband?

The one in the photo was made for my friend Melanie Wild, who is also my product photographer. She chose the word “Mystical,” which describes her well. The word on my own Alphabet Headband is “Snuggle!” in red.

How did you decide on the yarn?

The yarn choice for this one was easy. I needed a light fingering weight to be able to show off enough detail in the lettering. I didn’t want the letters to look unpolished and awkward. I also needed something soft, since anything itchy on your forehead is torture. This is also a bit of a stash-buster project and I have tons of Ultra Alpaca Fine in my stash!

If you could knit/crochet something for anyone in the world it would be…?

Hmmm… I’ve been thinking about making a sweater for my partner, David, but I’m afraid of The Curse, so I think he will have to wait. 

Alphabet Headband by Kelly McClure
Alphabet Headband by Kelly McClure

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