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Emily Explains: Modifying Mums

To join the summer home knit along I am knitting one of my designs from the collection, Mums! I am so excited because the home book was my favorite of the whole collection. Mums begins at the center and is worked in the round making a large flower with repeating petals. It is cast off by knitting on an edge, just like the lace blanket Cecelia.  The pattern is written but super easy to memorize.

I knit the sample in Blackstone Tweed for the pattern book so I wanted to switch things up and use a different yarn when knitting Mums for myself. I am using Ultra Alpaca Fine in Pitch Black. I wanted to make it more as a light lace shawl rather than a blanket, and I think the black will be a color that I can style and wear all year long. Of course, the gauge changes a bit when working with Ultra Alpaca Fine.

With Ultra Alpaca Fine, I am working on a size 3 needle and have chosen to work one more pattern repeat before beginning my lace edging (you can apply the same rules to this pattern that I explained in my Customizing Cecelia post). There are a lot of stitches on my needle now but I have the long weekend to knit away!

Stay tuned for how my Mums with Ultra Alpaca Fine turns out and for more tips related to our summer home knit along!

Happy Fourth of July and happy making!


5 thoughts on “Emily Explains: Modifying Mums

  1. That is really stunning. I love lace work, it keeps the mind sharp and the results are so rewarding. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

  2. Wow, you are a rock star to be knitting all those stitches in black 🙂 I too am knitting Mums for the Home KCAL in a lighter weight, using Fiora in Savannah on US6. I was in the Cecelia KAL too and am quickly becoming a big fan of your patterns – thank you so much for another beautiful one!

    Tanya (trmille on Rav)

    1. Thank you so much Tanya! Mums in Fiora is going to be stunning. I am so excited to see it!

  3. Wow, that is going to be stunning! I am knitting Mums for the Home KCAL as well, and also using a lighter weight: Fiora in Savannah on US6. I have 10 skeins and am hoping with the needle size adjustment factored in that I will have enough yarn.

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