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Berroco Yarn and TNNA in Washington, D.C.

We’re back from a whirlwind weekend of yarn and monuments—this year’s summer conference of The National NeedleArts Association (TNNA) was held in Washington, D.C. Each summer, the organization hosts a trade-show in which yarn companies such as Berroco can show off their new fall/winter yarns to yarn store owners. Read more

Converting a seamed sweater to seamless

In last week’s blog post I shared our Unofficial Summer Remix KAL—everyone on the Berroco Design Team is knitting the same sweater, but being designers, we can’t help changing things just a little. Donna and I have opted to work our Astilbe without side seams. The set-up row takes a little extra time, but for me it’s worth it.

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Knitting with Berroco Linus

We here at Berroco like to experiment with different yarn constructions, and Berroco Linus® is no exception. This unique yarn is a great choice for summer, as it’s super light and contains no animal fiber. Let’s take a closer look at Linus! Read more

Odora Knit-Along Wrap-Up

Our latest knit-along for the Odora Shawl officially finished last week! Here’s a few of the fantastic finished shawls that were posted in our Ravelry group.

Tina knit her Odora in Berroco Folio, color #4515 Spruce, as a gorgeous shop sample. Tina Odora

Myriam has participated in so many Berroco Knit-alongs and has so many incredible projects to show for it—her Odora is no exception! For this shawl, Myriam used Berroco Boboli Lace in two colors (one for the main body and one at the bottom edge). Remember—you don’t have to use the Berroco yarn called for when participating in a Berroco Knit-along, we just ask that you use a Berroco, Lang, or Amano yarn.


Sue knit up her Odora in a beautiful shade of Berroco Folio, #4557 Blue Lakes.



Another beautiful blue Odora, Kathy knit hers in color 4549 Atlantic.



Nikki’s beautiful Odora was knit in 4507 Haze. bufknitter


Amy P finished Odora a little bit after the deadline—ooops! But hey, it’s finished! She used color 4512 Criehaven.


And here’s Donna with her Odora knit in Berroco Corsica. She used color 3620 Shark Eye.



We’ll have another knit-along starting soon, and we’ll need your help to determine which pattern we’re knitting—stay tuned to the Berroco Lovers Ravelry group and this blog for more information!

Unofficial Summer Remix Knit-Along

The Design Team has just wrapped up (some might still be wrapping up) the Berroco Spring KAL, the Odora Shawl but we’ve already started an unofficial office KAL for the pattern Astilbe from the booklet #374. It all started with Remix.

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The Perfect Cotton Yarn for Summer Knitting: Berroco Modern Cotton

As the temperatures heat up, we knitters look for yarns that keep us cool and comfortable in warm climates. Berroco Modern Cotton™ is a great yarn for summertime garments and accessories—it’s a blend of cotton and rayon that’s super soft to the touch.  Read more

Use a Stretchy Bind-Off to Finish Your Odora

Tomorrow marks the official end of our Odora Knitalong. How’s your Odora coming along? Once you finish the knitting, the last thing to do is to work a bind off—and as with all projects, you want to choose the bind off that best suits the pattern. All too often, the bind-off edge can be too tight, making the fabric pull in on itself, which you absolutely don’t want with a big shawl such as Odora. Read more


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